Medium range Infrared Sensor

Medium range Infrared Sensor

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This Medium Range Infrared sensor offers simple, user friendly and fast obstacle detection using infrared; it is non contact detection. The implementations of modulated IR signal immune the sensor to the interferences caused by the normal light of a light bulb or the sun light. The sensing distance can be adjusted manually.
  • 5V powered, low current consumption, less than 10mA.
  • 3 pin interface which are signal, GND and 5V.
  • Small LED as indicator for detection status.
  • Obstacle detection up to 10cm.
  • Adjustable sensing range (2cm – 8cm).
  • Small size makes it easy to assembly. 
  • Single bit output.
  • Compatible with all types of microcontrollers.
Dimension: 2.6cm x 2cm


Can I use this sensor to detect colour intensity? ( Muhammad Adam, 16/11/2016 )

Hi, sorry can't. This sensor is for distance.

If you have further question, you can ask at our technical forum, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :) 

how many sensors does I need for the vacuum cleaner (20cm x 20cm size) ( Aifa, 24/07/2016 )

Hi, we don't have a fix answer for this, you can experiment with 1 unit first and see the resultFor further inquiry, kindly visit our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.smiley 

can it operate without microcontroller ( amirul, 14/03/2016 )

Hi. You need a microcontroller to use it. Thanks. :)

Hi there, may let me know what is the distance between the two screw's holes? ( Jong Chia Sing, 30/12/2015 )

Hi, You can refer to the user manual for the dimension of this sensor (page 6).Thanks. :)

How to connect this sensor and where should i measure the output? And, did u have schematic diagram for this sensor?? Plis help me! ( Qyqa, 08/06/2015 )

There is 3 pins on it, connect this 3 pins to your microcontroller. Connect signal pin to any digital I/O pin of any microcontroller (Arduino, SK40C, etc.) that you used. Since this is digital sensor, the output is ON(HIGH) or OFF(LOW). You can measure the output using multimeter by measure Signal pin and GND pin. The schematic diagram is not available. Sorry for that.

hi.. can i put a casing an cover the sensor use a clear plastic? do you think it will work.. or the sensor will detect cover as a obstacle? ( dadie, 21/05/2015 )

Well, you will need to test it. But most likely it will be detected as object.

Can i detach the ir sensor and asemble in the different length? ( dadie, 16/05/2015 )

Different length? Physical length of the sensor? Or the detection range? Or the wave length? I guess that is hacking and you will need to try it :)

for IR01A i can directly use it no need to make a separate circuit like SN-IRS-01..... kinda confused. i need a infrared sensor for detecting garment on a clothes folding machine which will then automatically start d motors once detected.. so which shud i use.. of all infrared sensors available hr ( zakia, 26/02/2015 )

If you need a straight forward obstacle detection, you should use IR01A. SN-IRS-01 is just a pair of IR transmitter and receiver.

for IR01A i can directly use it no need to make a separate circuit like SN-IRS-01.,.. kinda confused ( zakia, 26/02/2015 )

IR01A comes complete with special circuit to provide digital output, while the SN-IRS-01 is just a pair of IR transmitter and receiver :)

this sensor can measure the length of the brake thickness? it is has the reciever or detector? ( GENT, 29/12/2014 )

Hi, it cannot measure distance, it can only know wether there is obstacle or not within the measuring range.

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