Mifare Reader/Writer CR038

Mifare Reader/Writer CR038

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    Have you ever heard of MiFare? Basically it is a contactess smart cards system, and is being trademark by NXP Semiconductors. You might also see some calling it as NFC (Near Field Communication). We are carrying the MiFare ISO14443A Classic 1K or 4K card reader/writer - CR038A.

    CR038A is able to read and also write data from/to MiFare ISO14443A card. Antenna is build in the board, so no external antenna is needed. Just connect 5V and UART from computer or microcontroller, you are ready to get your MiFare project working. CR038A communicates with host (computer or microcontroller) via simple UART interface, default setting are 19200 bps, 8-N-1. It is compatible with the MiFare Card (ISO14443A, 1K Classic) that we carry.

    The host (Computer or Microcontroller) send command in package to CR038A for certain actions(Read, Write, Change Key, value increment/decrement, etc) and get response from CR038A. Please read through the User's Manual and examples before use it.

    Note: This device is not compatible with 125KHz passive RFID card.

    • Supply Voltage: +5VDC
    • Current consumption: 80 to 100mA
    • Frequency: 13.56MHz
    • Interface: TTL UART default at 19200 bps, 8-N-1
    • Operation Distance: Upto 40mm, depends on card type
    • Built-in Antenna
    • Dimension: 6cm x 4cm

    1. Interface MiFare Reader/Writer with Arduino
    2. Demonstration on GUI Software of the MiFare Reader/Writer CR038


    i would like to ask, how to change the Mifare card ID through this reader? ( Malek, 11/12/2015 )

    Hi. Please kindly visit our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.:)

    Hi, I had purchased this and I want to use it for door lock so I am only using Mode 2, which is getting NUID from Mifare card. However, I want to actually compare the NUID so that when correct Mifare card is scanned, it will unlock the door (represented by LED lights up). On the other hand, when wrong card is scanned, the door remains locked (represented by buzzer sounds). Can you provide me the program code for this part? ( jong, 17/10/2015 )

    Hi, What kind of microcontroller that you used? You can refer to this tutorial if you are using it with Arduino and of course you need to modify it accordingly. If you have further inquiry please do continue the discussion in our technical forum/ facebook group as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :)

    Hi, Does the reader/writer comes with RFID tag? ( Nur, 09/07/2015 )

    Hi, this reader does not come with RFID tag. Card is sell separately. 

    Hi, I want to interface Mifare reader with Arduino Uno Rev 3 that I need to connect the 16x2 LCD externally. I tried to connect the LCD according to the tutorial from arduino.cc. However, when interfacing Mifare reader with Arduino Uno Rev 3, the pins which the sample code provided for interfacing Mifare reader and Arduino Uno Rev 3 may be already in use by LCD. Do you have sample code for interfacing Mifare reader and Arduino Uno Rev 3 instead of BBfuino? ( Jong, 08/07/2015 )

    Hi, We do not have any other sample code for this. But for your information, both Arduino uno and BBFuino is same in term of functionality.You can contact our support team at support@cytron.com.my or share it in our technical forum your project with figure of hardware setup, sample code and etc. 

    Hi i have a Mifare Reader/Writer CR038 but i have not a simple project for AVR please help me i need very soon.thanks ( Robelc, 08/05/2015 )

    Hi, we do have tutorials under the product page, which show the interface with CIKU and also Arduino, it comes with sample code too. But we do not have example with AVR.

    Hi, I'm Naufal. I would like to get the quotation for this product. Product Code: RFID-ICRW-CR038 I'm interested to buy this MiFare Reader/Writer CR038 from your company. I hope I can get the quotation of this product as soon as possible. Thank you. ( AHMAD NAUFAL, 16/02/2015 )

    The price is displayed in the product page and you can place order online, after the payment, we will ship the product to you via courier service. If you need an official quotation, please contact sales@cytron.com.my.

    Dear Sir/Madam I need Mifare Reader only .the reason is I want it to be in auto read mode. I don't want to send read command from computer or micro controller . like other LF RFID reader I want it to be auto read . it means if the card come close to reader it will read and send card ID to computer or controller . Thanks in advance for your quick reply. Regards Reza ( Reza Najafzadeh, 08/12/2014 )

    Hi, this reader/writter cannot do that. The read and write will need to come from the computer or microcontroller.

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