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-89% Discontinued Mini Mobile Robot Controller

Mini Mobile Robot Controller

  • Brand: Cytron
  • Product Code: MC40A
  • Availability:
  • Warranty Period: 12 months

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Description: MC40A is designed as mini mobile robot controller. With the rich features, it helps beginner to get start in building mobile robot, yet reserving the feature to expand the capabilities of the controller. Come with sample source code for PIC16F, user may start in no time with powering up the controller. 

  • Suitable for 40-pin 8-bit PIC Microcontrollers, including PIC16F and PIC18F
  • Come ready with PIC16F887
  • Sample source code to test the board
  • Sample source code for Line following, ADC, LCD, DC brush motor, UART
  • Input power: 7V to 12V
  • Support 2 DC brush motor (Max 1A per motor)
  • Motor power: 5V- 12V, selectable from Vmotor, or share input power
  • Support 2x8 parallel LCD (optional)
  • Support Cytron SK including SKPS, SKXBee, SKKCA
  • A Buzzer and LED as programmable output
  • 2 programmable push button as digital input
  • Ready with 2 connectors for limit switch
  • Ready with ADC input for Infrared distance sensor, Ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Ready with LSS05 (Auto-Calibrating Line Sensor) connector
  • Ready with ICSP connector for UIC00A/B for loading program to PIC
  • Ready with connector for UC00A, USB to UART converter
  • Free IO pins are extended out for further development.
Dimension: 12cm x 8 cm

The PIC's pin assignment on MC40A. Might be helpful for those wanted to develop their own code.



hi, i want ask something.. i use this mc40a controller in my project.. and i use two motor DC Geared Motor SPG30-200K. after put code for the program.. the motor is not functioning. i want to know what the actually problem is happen..whether slot for motor is broke or the power supply for motor is not enough to support it. hope you can help me :) thank ( ikaz gustavo, 18/03/2016 )

Hi. It is more convenient if you can post a topic in our technical forum and provide more information such as photo of hardware setup, coding and etc. as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :)

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MC40A User's Manual 10 Nov 201008/07/2019N/ADownload
MC40A PIC Pin Assignment08/07/2019N/ADownload
Schematic V1.0 Nov 201008/07/2019N/ADownload
Fritzing File08/07/2019N/ADownload
Fritzing Tutorial08/07/2019N/ADownload
MPLAB IDE V8.3008/07/2019N/ADownload
MC40A Sample Source Code 10Nov 201008/07/2019N/ADownload
MC40A 887+SKPS Code08/07/2019N/ADownload
MC40A 887 FastLineFollowing 14Jan1108/07/2019N/ADownload
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