MK II - Gripper With Servo

MK II - Gripper With Servo

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Robot Gripper is coming back with better design and more robust.

This gripper is made from metal and are pretty heavy-duty, it also features brass sleeves in the joints which make it more rigid and less likely to come loose. The claw opens to about 2" and depending on the servo motor position, it can pick up some relatively heavy objects. The new spring-loaded clutch helps protect the servo gears from damage and also increases the gearing to 2:1, allowing the servo to act over its entire range and provide more gripping power!

It comes with medium RC servo (4.8V to 6.0V) which you can control with any microcontroller :)


Hi, are the gripper can be controlled by joystick? ( Fitri, 22/06/2019 )
Hi, yes you can buy you may need additional coding. 
What is the total weight of the gripper assembly, including the servo motor ( girish, 12/10/2015 )

Hi, total weight of the gripper including the servo motor is approximately 162.4 gram. Thanks. :)

How to order by banking online? ( fazirul, 17/08/2015 )

Hi, you can refer to this tutorial but in step 4 choose estimate shipping and taxes instead.

Hi, may i know how to assembled this MK II gripper with the top part of Servo Bracket (Servo Holder) HD-SB-SH? Is is possible? ( Sui, 26/04/2015 )

The servo bracket (HD-SB-SH) is not designed for the gripper :) Yet, it is still possible if you can drill holes on the bracket.

HI, may I know what is the maximum weight that MK II gripper can grab? ( Yong, 15/04/2015 )

It does not state in datasheet, but as it comes with clutch, the gripping torque is reduce. From our testing it can carry object around 100 ~ 200 gram.  Yet, it depends a lot on the friction of object.

how about the connection ? When I look at the Arduino Uno R3, it is does not have port for plug in the connection of gripper. ( hazizi, 05/03/2015 )

The gripper is using RC servo to drive the mechanism, searching Internet will show you hundrends of result :) We also have an example of connection from RC servo to Arduino here. If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

Is it compatible with Arduino Uno R3 ? Can I use this gripper with Arduino Uno R3 ? ( hazizi, 04/03/2015 )

Yes, it is compatible with Arduino UNO, but you might need to take care of the current need as the servo will require high current and this might reset the Arduino board.

Hi, may I know how long the MK II gripper can be delivered to my place, at Ipoh, Perak after my online order has been made? Thank you. ( yong, 26/02/2015 )

If there is stock, we will pack and ship it in the same day. Normally the courier service will take 1 working day to deliver it to urban area, 2 working days for rural area.

what type of servo used ? what is the rotating torque ? ( bumaran, 15/02/2015 )
Not answered yet.

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