Motor Mount & 5 Inches Wheel Kit

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Do you know power window motor? Yes, the motor that used in automobile, car to drive the window up and down when you press the control button. Because of its design and high torque, it is very suitable for robot and machine. Nonetheless, the shaft is not friendly enough to mount your wheel or mechanism. Yet, the use of power window motor to build combat robot is not strange for experienced robot builders. Many use welding or even customade coupling to mount the wheel.

The worm gear in the motor has the ability to prevent it rotating from the external force. In other words, it is difficult for your opponent robot to push your robot in the battlefield.

Why is worm gear so special? Check this wiki out: Worm Drive.

"Unlike with ordinary gear trains, the direction of transmission (input shaft vs output shaft) is not reversible when using large reduction ratios, due to the greater friction involved between the worm and worm-wheel, when usually a single start (one spiral) worm is used. This can be an advantage when it is desired to eliminate any possibility of the output driving the input."

Here we make your life even easier by introducing this wheel kit where the motor is mounted to a 5 inches wheel made of thermoplastic rubber which provides absolute friction force on most of the surface. The product comes with a pair(Yes, two pieces, left and right) of power window motor attached with 5 inches wheel.

  • For Arduino lovers, you can utilize 10A shield to drive this motor.
  • For normal control, try MD30C (single channel) or MDDS30 (dual channels).
  • For RC (Radio Control) lovers, check out the MDDS30, smart drive dual-channel that accepts RC's signal.
  • Voltage Rating: 12VDC
  • Rated Speed: 60 RPM
  • Rated Torque: 2.9N.m (
  • Rated Current: <15A at 12V
  • Stall Torque (Locked): 9.8N.m (
  • Stall Current (Locked): <28A at 12V
  • The motor is is being tested to drive car's window:
    • Up and Down for 8 seconds, survive 10,000 times
    • Not meant for continuous driving without stopping
  • Motor dimension (w x l x h) : ~161.2mm x 30.3mm x105.5 mm, Detailed Drawing
  • Wheel Dimension

Motor Specification
Speed (RPM)51 - 100
Torque ( - 30.00
Packing List
  • A pair of power window motor (left and right)
  • The wheels are mounted to power window motor.
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