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The launch of the Raspberry Pi 5 Single Board Computer on 28th September 2023 comes with many big upgrades. And of course the official case/enclosure too. 

This official enclosure for the latest Raspberry Pi 5 comes with 2 color options, Red/White, and Black. It is now available here in the Cytron marketplace! As hard as the Raspberry Pi team wanted to keep the compatibility, there are some significant changes on Raspberry Pi 5 due to the upgrades. A few changes that most likely affecting the case are:
  • Ethernet and USB ports reversed arrangement compared to Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
  • Power Button available on board

Raspberry Pi 5 computer will not fit into most of the cases for the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and Raspberry Pi 3 Model B or B+. While we're getting more alternative cases, this will be perfect protection and an elegant case for the latest single-board computer. And of course, this case results from a well-designed effort and is definitely what we've come to expect from the folks who made the Raspberry Pi.

This Official Raspberry Pi 5 case integrates a variable-speed fan, powered and controlled from a dedicated connector on the Raspberry Pi 5 board. It will keep the new Raspberry Pi 5 cool! You do not need to get a separate cooling fan.



Note: If you need to cool your Raspberry Pi 5 without a case, you can get the Official Raspberry Pi Active Cooler separately. 


Everything is snap and fit, NO screw or nut is needed to assemble it. Neat and nice!


It also comes with an adhesive heatsink for you to paste on the CPU of Raspberry Pi 5, further keeping the board cool!


Did I mention it? The cooling fan is PWM controllable from the latest Raspberry Pi OS (Bookworm for Raspberry Pi 5). By default, the fan is automated from the latest Raspberry Pi OS, and no configuration is needed. Just make sure to get the latest Raspberry Pi OS (Bookworm for Raspberry Pi 5).


There is a 4-pin wire fan connector. 2 wires for Power (+ and GND), another wire for PWM to control fan speed, and the last wire for Tachometer to get feedback from the fan.




Features & Benefits of the Official Raspberry Pi 5 Case:

  • The official case integrate with a variable-speed fan and controlled from dedicated connector on Pi5 PCB
  • Snap and Fit, no screw or nut is needed
  • Color of the case: (option)
    • Red and White
    • Black
  • The fan and wires are hidden completely and attached with the centre case lid (transparent lid)
  • Fan Input Voltage: 5VDC supplied via 40-pin GPIO header on Raspberry Pi 4
  • The cooling fan is activated once it is powered up, by default.
  • Fan Speed is PWM controllable from Raspberry Pi OS, configuration is required
  • Capable of delivering up to 1.4CFM of airflow over the processor, RAM, and power management IC
  • No Python code or script needed to be installed to work right out of the box with the Raspberry Pi OS (just need to update the configuration)
  • Comes with an additional adhesive heatsink for the CPU chip, to further improve the heat dissipation
  • Designed by the Raspberry Pi team
Packing List
  • Official Raspberry Pi 5 Case - Red & White 
    • 1 x Official Raspberry Pi Case (for Raspberry Pi 5 ) Red & White
      • 1 x Top lit (cover) in white color
      • 1 x Centre lit (transparent cover) integrated with a variable-speed fan
      • 1 x Base, in red color
      • 4 x Rubber bumpers, for footers at the bottom of the base
      • 1 x Adhesive heatsink (for CPU)


  • Official Raspberry Pi 5 Case - Black 
    • 1 x Official Raspberry Pi Case (for Raspberry Pi 5 ) Black
      • 1 x Top lit (cover) in black color
      • 1 x Centre lit (translucsent cover) integrated with a variable-speed fan
      • 1 x Base, in black color
      • 4 x Rubber bumpers, for footers at the bottom of the base
      • 1 x Adhesive heatsink (for CPU)

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