Pi-Top USB-C PD Power Adapter - 15V 36W

Pi-Top USB-C PD Power Adapter - 15V 36W

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This is 15V 36W USB-C PD Power Supply for pi-top [4] case

pi-top [4] is engineered to be both powerful and versatile. It has a 5-hour internal battery. The pi-top integrated battery can be charged either from the USB-C Power port (with PD protocol, 12V 3A minimum), or from the PMA Connector on the underside of the device. 

pi-top [4] battery specifications:

  • Charge Time: 1 hour 15 minutes (from 0% to 100%)
  • Discharge Time:
    • 5 hours as standalone
    • 2.5 hours with Bluetooth Keyboard + FHD Touchscreen
  • Battery Type: Integrated 19.24 Watt-hour (7.4 V, 2.6 Ah) Lithium Polymer Battery.
  • Voltage
    • Min = 6 V
    • Nominal = 7.4 V
    • Max = 8.4 V
  • Power Supply: 36 Watt, 15V, 3A

For your convenience, Cytron is carrying Pi-Top Power Adapter with USB-C Power Delivery (PD) specification at 15V for faster battery charging. It comes with interchangeable US, UK and EU plugs.

Note: The pi-top [4] will NOT work with most USB-C power supplies you might already own. You must use a power supply with USB-C Power Delivery (PD) specification at 12V, with a minimum of 30W for maximum accessory compatibility.

You'll be able to check if the pi-top is charging by:

  1. If the pi-top is off, from orange light in the power switch
  2. If the pi-top is on, from pulsing green light in the power switch
  3. Changing the display on the Mini OLED Screen to the battery icon.

Note: Option 3 won't work if you're not using pi-top OS.

Features and specifications:

  • USB Type C plug
  • Interchangeable US, UK and EU plugs
  • Output: PD 15V, 36W, 3A

Packing list:

  • 1 x 15V 36W Pi-Top USB-C PD Power Adapter
  • 1 x US plug
  • 1 x UK plug
  • 1 x EU plug


Will this work with the Raspberry Pi 4B without the Pi Top case? I am already using the Argon 1 18W 5V 3.5A USB-C PSU with an Argon One case, but I need more power than this can supply. ( Name, 29/12/2020 )
Hi. Its not compatible for rpi4 using Argon One Case.  Thanks:)

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