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Looking for PIC microcontroller that support USB development? You can have it here with PIC18F2550. Ideal for low power (nanoWatt) and connectivity applications that benefit from the availability of three serial ports: FS-USB (12 Mbit/s), I²C™ and SPI™ (up to 10Mbit/s) and an asynchronous (LIN capable) serial port (EUSART). Large amounts of RAM memory for buffering and Enhanced FLASH program memory make it ideal for embedded control and monitoring applications that require periodic connection with a (legacy free) Personal Computer via USB for data upload/download and/or firmware updates. While operating up to 48 MHz, the PIC18F2550 is also mostly software and hardware compatible with the PIC16C745 Low-Speed USB OTP devices.

  • Pin Count: 28-pin PDIP
  • Program Memory: 32KB Flash
  • Max Crystal Speed: 48MHz (12 MIPS)
  • Internal oscillator support 31 KHz to 8 MHz
  • RAM Bytes: 2,048
  • EEPROM Bytes: 256
  • Timers: 1 x 8 bit, 3 x 16-bit
  • Digital Communication: 1xA/E/USART, 1 x MSSP(SPI/I2C)
  • Capture/Compare/PWM: 2 x CCP
  • ADC: 10ch, 10-bit
  • Comparators: 2
  • USB: 1, Full speed, USB 2.0
  • pin to pin compatible with PIC16C7X5 (support USB)
how big is this? ( thmjones, 15/07/2019 )
Hi, you may refer to the user manual for more info. Thanks.
how to program this PIC and how to coding current measuring using SN-ACS712 and SK28A.. ( Ahmad Edzhar, 16/03/2016 )

Hi, You can check out this tutorial (Current Measuring using SN-ACS712 and SK28A) as a reference. For further inquiry, kindly visit our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :)

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