PikaBot - Maker UNO Smart Car Kit (Arduino IDE)

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    • Arduino IDE (English)
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    Build Your Own Smart Car:  PIKABOT 


    Everyone loves mobile robots! With PikaBot, you get to learn electronics, microcontrollers, sensors, motors & coding, while having fun!


    New to Mobile Robot & Coding?

    Don't worry! This kit comes with a booklet covering all the hands-on lessons you need to get started. Every step is explained clearly with the help of images. We make sure that the common issues when building and coding the Arduino mobile robot are properly addressed in this booklet. Besides, it comes with fun facts to feed the curious minds too.


    Note: The booklet offers two options for you to choose from: Arduino IDE (English) or mBlock (Bahasa Melayu). Please select based on your preferences.



    No Soldering! Just Jumper Wires

    There is no soldering involved in order for more young makers to take part in the building process. To make things even simpler, the detailed schematic diagram and mounting location of the parts are printed inside the box. Hence you can build and connect with greater confidence as you embark on this digital-making journey.


    This mobile robot kit is based on Maker UNO (Arduino Uno compatible).


    Box = Mobile Robot Base

    We designed the packaging box of PikaBot to be reusable. Not only that it used for packing the complete set of components needed for the project, but it also serves as the robot base and cover of your PikaBot mobile robot.


    Line Following & Obstacle Avoidance

    What can your PikaBot do? It can follow line, simple yet practical navigation that is widely used in AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) and many robot competitions. The kit comes with a pair of infrared sensors which you can calibrate & program to recognize black and white surfaces. PikaBot also includes an ultrasonic distance sensor so it can detect obstacles in front of it.


    mBlock Graphical Programming Interface

    You can also program PikaBot with the mBlock block-based programming interface. mBlock is a coding tool that supports block-based and Python coding for STEAM education, with robots, AI, data science, and more.


    With the beginner-friendly Maker UNO as the controller, everyone can build and program this mobile robot. We have also included

    • Dual-channel motor driver - Maker Drive
    • Two "TT" brush motors with pre-solder wires
    • 4 x AA battery to power the controller and motor 
    • Of course, it comes with two IR Line Tracking Module for line following
    • An Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for obstacle avoidance
    • Accessories for the smart car to work :)
    • Everything is packed in a nicely designed paper box which will be utilized as the base of the mobile robot too


    To make life even easier, we have prepared:

    • Line Following Track for line following.


    Warranty Period: 12 months
    • Mobile Robot Kit
    • Do It Yourself (DIY) mobile robot kit
    • No soldering is needed, only requires to connect jumper wires :)
    • Controller: Maker UNO
    • Motor Driver: Maker Drive dual-channel DC brush motor driver
    • Driven by two TT motors with pre-solder wires
    • Power both controller and motor with 4 x AA battery, with battery holder too
    • Comes with IR Line Sensor module, for line following
    • Open-source example code, free to modify and learn to code
    • Panel mount rocker switch as the power activation switch
    • Panel mount push button as a start button
    • The paper box is creatively designed as the container and also the body for the mobile robot.
    • Everything needed is packed in this kit!
    • Box Dimension: 127mm x 55mm x 190mm (not including motor shafts and wheels)


    Packing List





    Telegram Stickers!

      Last but not least, we've designed some expressive PikaBot stickers for Telegram messenger for all you PikaBot lovers! If you are a Telegram user, grab the sticker pack here: https://t.me/addstickers/cytron_pikabot. Have fun!

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