PS2 Controller Starter Kit

PS2 Controller Starter Kit

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Wireless PS2 Controller (Compatible)

Wireless PS2 Controller (Compatible)

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Now, you can control anything with PS2 Controller, come and have fun with it.
Play Station 2 (PS2) controller is relatively easy to obtain from any game store and it offers good human manual input for control system. More and more developers are looking into applying existing PS2 controller to control particular system. The major problem to achieve this is the socket for PS2 and the protocol to communicate with it. PS2 socket is very unique and difficult to obtain. Besides, protocol to obtain the status (digital and analog) of each button and analog stick on PS2 controller create headache to developer. Thus, Cytron Technologies has designed a PS2 Controller Starter Kit, SKPS to offer the solution.
This starter kit offers  a compact yet reliable PS2 Controller Converter for user.
SKPS’s power and UART pin is compatible with SKKCA and SKXBee. A host is needed to communicate with SKPS through UART. Reading Joy-stick button’s state will be as easy as 1, 2, 3. It offers a standard connector for Sony PS2 controller to plug-in.
* SKPS does not come with PS2 controller (joystick), please purchase it separately. Wired PS2 or Wireless PS2.
  • Stable 5V powered, low current consumption, less than 150mA.
  • 1 standard PS2 controller socket.
  • Communicate with host microcontroller through 5V TTL UART.
  • Simple inquiry command and button status feedback for host to process.
  • Vibrator motor is controllable.
  • Wired or wireless PS2 controller is fully compatible.
  • PS2 Controller will only operate in analog mode.
  • A small LED as indicator for communication between SKPS and PS2 controller.
  • Dimension: 7.4cm x 3.9cm
SKPS comes with:
  • 1 x SKPS board.
  • 1 x mini jumper of SKPS board.
  • 4 x 2510 iron pin.
  • 1 x 2510 4 ways female connector.
Hi, what is the difference between this product and Cytron PS2 Shield, ? i see that there is a price difference,but same product? ( Hafiz Ahmad, 07/03/2019 )
Hi, yes it is basically two product with the same function but this product is specially designed for PIC and the other one is for the shield for arduino. The price of the product is determined to include the design cost. Thus there is some difference 
Hi, can i know PS2 Controller Starter Kit can directly connect to the SmartDriveDuo-10, MDDS10 without using arduino? ( Yong, 27/10/2016 )


Sorry, you need to use controller board. 

If you have further question, you can ask at our technical forum, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :) 

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