Raspberry Pi 235mm micro HDMI to Standard HDMI adapter

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    With the transaction from single standard HDMI port to TWO micro HDMI ports on the most powerful and most popular Raspberry Pi ever, Raspberry Pi 4 Model B board, we believe most Raspberry Pi users or owners have a standard HDMI cable.

    Instead of getting a new micro HDMI cable, you may opt for this adapter. Due to space constraint between the two micro HDMI ports, we do not recommend using the conventional HDMI adapter/converter because it will block the USB-C port (for the power) or the adjacent micro HDMI port. This micro HDMI to standard HDMI adapter is designed specifically for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B board as it comes with thin and compact micro HDMI jack so it does not block the adjacent ports. It is terminated with standard HDMI Barrel/socket/female port with a 235mm (~23cm) cable in between.

    So you can utilize back your standard HDMI cable (if you have) and connect it to Raspberry Pi 4 Model B using this adapter.  Of course, this adapter can be applied to any device with micro HDMI port such as laptops, cameras, camcorder, and tablets easily, while the standard HDMI adapter is compatible with full-size HDMI connections.

    Warranty Period: 12 months
    • Officially from Raspberry Pi Foundation
    • Micro HDMI to HDMI adapter with flexible cable in between
    • Easily connect Micro HDMI devices to full-size HDMI cable
    • HDMI Type D (Micro) Male to HDMI Type A Female
    • Designed for but not limited to Raspberry Pi 4 Model B:
    • For the best possible picture and sound quality
    • Short cable design: 235mm, ~ 23cm
    • Eliminates much of the stress caused by rigid adapters
    • Premium cable quality and construction
    • Ensure years of dependable use
    Packing List
    • 1 x Raspberry Pi 235mm micro HDMI to Standard HDMI adapter


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