Raspberry Pi 5 Heatsink and Active Cooler

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    This is an official active cooler with a heatsink and a cool fan integrated for Raspberry Pi 5 designed by Raspberry Pi Team.



    As we understand, Raspberry Pi 5 computers deliver great performance and of course, more power will generate more heat for all CPUs. This is especially true for Raspberry Pi 5 as it is the most powerful Raspberry Pi board so far. So it needs good heat management, hence this heatsink and active cooler. The active color will help to dissipate the heat.


    It comes with 3 thermal pads protected by a protective sheet. The thermal pads are for better thermal conductivity. They are particularly for CPU, RAM IC, and Wi-Fi shield can on Raspberry Pi 5 board.


    The heatsink and fan come in one piece and mounting is through snap-and-fit on dedicated holes on the Raspberry Pi 5 board. The fan on the heatsink comes with 4-pin connector for you to connect to the dedicated fan connector. 



    We ran an OpenCV tests on the Raspberry Pi 5 using this Heatsink and Actice Cooler, and it worked seamlessly!


    Did I mention it? The cooling fan is PWM controllable from the latest Raspberry Pi OS (Bookworm for Raspberry Pi 5). By default, the fan is automated from the latest Raspberry Pi OS, no configuration is needed. Just make sure to get the latest Raspberry Pi OS (Bookworm for Raspberry Pi 5).

    Now, using the Raspberry Pi 5 single-board computer with the Heatsink and Active cooler will be worry free! Check out the following graph of temperature performance under stress-test (Stressberry)


    There is a 4-pin wire fan connector. 2 wires for Power (+ and GND), another wire for PWM to control fan speed, and the last wire for Tachometer to get feedback from the fan.

    Warranty Period: 12 months
    • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 5 board
    • Snap and fit feature on dedicated holes of Raspberry Pi 5 PCB
    • Thermal pads provided for CPU, RAM IC, and Wi-Fi shield can on Raspberry Pi 5
    • Power for the fan comes from a dedicated connector on the Raspberry Pi 5 board
    • By default, the cooling fan is automated by the latest Raspberry Pi OS (Bookworm)
    • Fan Speed is PWM controllable from the latest Raspberry Pi OS and no configuration is needed
    • Capable of delivering airflow over the processor, RAM, and power management IC
    • No Python code or script needed to be installed to work right out of the box with the latest Raspberry Pi OS
    • Designed by the Raspberry Pi team
    Packing List
    • 1 x  Official Heatsink and Active Cooler for Raspberry Pi 5


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