Raspberry Pi Debug Probe for RP2040

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    The Raspberry Pi Debug Probe is a versatile and cost-effective tool designed for debugging Raspberry Pi Pico and other compatible microcontroller development boards. It is an all-in-one USB to serial debug and UART bridge that provides the necessary hardware and cabling for "plug and play" debugging.

    The Debug Probe is equipped with both a processor serial debug interface and an industry-standard UART interface, both of which utilize a 3-pin debug connector, as specified in the Raspberry Pi 3-pin debug connector specification. The serial debug interface is based on the ARM Serial Wire Debug interface by default but can be reconfigured to support other interfaces if needed.


    To make it easy to use, the Raspberry Pi Debug Probe is provided as a kit that includes the probe hardware in a plastic case, as well as a set of cables, including a USB cable and three different types of debug cables. The kit is designed to cover the vast majority of use cases, so you can get started with debugging right away.


    While the Debug Probe has been designed primarily for use with Raspberry Pi debug targets, it provides standard CMSIS-DAP debug and UART interfaces over USB, which means that it can be used to debug other targets or as a cost-effective USB-to-UART cable.

    The Raspberry Pi Debug Probe is based on the Raspberry Pi Pico hardware design and runs the open-source Raspberry Pi Picoprobe software, which is available on GitHub. The Picoprobe software can be updated in the same way as on a Raspberry Pi Pico, which makes it easy to keep the unit up to date with the latest firmware or to use custom firmware if desired.

    Overall, the Raspberry Pi Debug Probe is a reliable and versatile tool that is perfect for anyone who needs to debug microcontroller-based platforms. Its compact size, plug-and-play design, and easy-to-use software make it a great choice for developers, hobbyists, and educators alike.


    Warranty Period: 12 months
    • Official RP2040 Debugger Probe from Raspberry Pi
    • Plug and Use with Raspberry Pi PICO-H
    • Nominal I/O Voltage: 3.3VDC
    • Operating Temperature: -20ºC to +70ºC
    • Ready with Industry Standard UART and Serial Debug function on 1 board
    • Provides CMSIS-DAP debug over USB
    • Compatible with other ARM serial Wire Debug Interface
    • Works with OpenOCD and other tools supporting CMSIS-DAP
    • Runs on Open-Source Raspberry Pi Picoprobe software
    • Based on the Raspberry Pi Pico hardware design
    • Come in a translucent high-quality plastic enclosure
    • Ready with 3 types of debug cables:
      • 3-pin JST connector to 3-pin JST connector cable
      • 3-pin JST connector to 0.1-inch header (female)
      • 3-pin JST connector to 0.1-inch header (male)
    • Dimension: 22mm x 32mm


    Packing List
    • 1 x Raspberry Pi Debug Probe
      • 1 x Raspberry Pi Debug Probe (in a translucent enclosure)
      • 1 x Raspberry Pi USB microB Cable - 1 meter
      • 1 x 3-pin connector to female header
      • 1 x 3-pin connector to male header
      • 1 x 3-pin connector to 3-pin connector

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