rero Standard Set

rero Standard Set

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    rero stands for Reconfigurable Robot. It is a robot construction kit that features easy to use hardware design and programming tool. It is designed for younger generation or non-technical people to get started with robotic technologies.


    Easy To Reconfigure
    Eliminating the tiny screws and nuts is the main task in making reconfigurable robots a reality. rero accomplished this with the straightforward sliding method between its connectors and joints. It doesn't need to fasten a single screw in the entire construction process. This will make the assembling and dismantling of a robot really easy and fast.

    Touch Panel Makes Things Different
    For the first time ever you see a robot kit which incorporates a 3.2" color touch screen. This makes rero stand out from other robots in the market. Touch screen allows easier access whereby you do not need to press multiple buttons to play a function. In addition, you can even insert your very own screen wallpaper to make your robot more personalized.

    Program Your Robot with the Touch of Your Fingertips
    rero comes with a ‘Teach Mode’ that can be accessed through the touch panel. You can program a simple movement to your robot without powering up your laptop. This is a very useful and powerful tool especially for those who want to avoid the hassle of computer programming.

    rero Animator. A Stepping Stone for Novices
    Unlike other robot kits, rero does not require a powerful programming language with hundreds of syntaxes. For beginners, they only need the simplest programming tool to help them to program their robots and at the same time facilitate their logical thinking. The custom designed rero Animator does this job perfectly. And it's FREE for download! 
    *rero Animator only support Window OS now.

    rero is Bluetooth Enabled
    You can download rero Remote app to your smart phone (android and iOS) and use it as your remote controller to control rero via Bluetooth. Each button on the app can be customized by assigning a different set of motions to it. Robot fighting can be carried out among your friends with this feature.

    Print Your Own rero Parts
    To bring robot-making to the next level, we even provide 3D CAD drawing for all rero parts. You can modify the existing rero parts or create a new part that you find is interesting and useful for rero and print it using a 3D printer! We also provide a platform for you to showcase your new design at our website.

    Technical Specification:

    rero Controller

    • PIC32MX575F512L 32-Bit MCU
    • Support up to 10 Cube Servos per port (come with 6 ports)
    • 3.2" TFT color LCD with touch screen
    • 4GB SD card
    • Bluetooth 4.0 (EDR+BLE)
    • USB 2.0 interface
    • 11.1V Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery (come with charger)

    Cube Servo

    • Voltage: 6.5 - 17.8VDC
    • Rated Torque: (at 12V)
    • Speed: 63RPM (no load at 12V)
    • Gear ratio: 194:1
    • Current:1.5A (max. at 12V)
    • Weight: 63g
    • Degree of rotation: 360⁰ continuous
    • 360⁰ endless electrical rotation (1088 steps)
    • Communication: Half Duplex Serial
    • Daisy chain connection
    Hi, may i know when will the rero standard set be available again? I want to purchase one so that I can show to my school to convince them to buy rero for robotic edu classes. TQ ( aweh, 19/07/2018 )
    Hi, thanks for your interest. You may send your request to :)
    what is the diff if buy starter kit with expansion pack compare to this standard kit ? ( lai, 01/11/2017 )
    Hi, you can compare on the total parts you will get between these 2. For more detail, you can email to Thanks.
    Are there any self learning module available? Tq ( jaason, 12/08/2015 )

    Yup, there are :) We are working on E-learning. Meantime, you can check rero youtube channel for tutorial: rero youtube channel

    Salam alaikum First I would like to express about my feelings to all your scientific works. I want to ask about the materials used for manufacturing rero. Are these martial components manufactured for endure high stresses and high temperatures or merely similar to the normal plastic ? Are these rero parts formed by manufacturing technologies such injunction molding, extrusion or what else ? Dr. Khalid G. Mohd ( Khalid G. Mohammed, 30/05/2015 )

    Hi, thanks for the interest. Most of the materials we used in rero are higher strength than normal plastic so it is sustainable in high stress condition. We even use the glass filled material for some critical parts like servo case to decrease bending/deforming to obtain better gears holding support. Higher percentage of glass in a material will help to increase the part strength but its brittleness will increase too which it might breaks easily without significant deformation. Anyway, we still use the common plastic like ABS for insignificant parts like "Spacer", "Opener", locking latch. Yes, all of our plastic parts are produced by plastic injection molding.

    what is the programming language ( hisharuddin, 31/01/2015 )

    There is currently teach mode which uses teach and learn concept, no programming language involve. Another mode is to use rero animator which you could download from rero website. That is using drag and drop method. Last, we will release API for advance uses that uses C language (mid of 2015).

    The web says the controller supports 10 servos per port (come with 6 port). Does this means that the controller can control up to 60 servos at any one time? ( Amrul Akil, 18/11/2014 )

    Yes, that's right.

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