RPi 5 Aluminum Heatsink Case with Dual Fan

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    This is a super elegant and practical armor case for Raspberry Pi 5. It is an upgraded version to support Raspberry Pi 5, great!


    Frankly speaking, it is not an enclosure or case, it should be called heatsink because the case itself is CNC aluminum and comes with thermal paste/tape to effectively dissipate heat generated from the processor, RAM IC. Furthermore, it is also integrated with two cooling fans (assembled, but not fasten to the case), just connect the power to run it. Not to worry the Wifi Signal is not affected due to case open design.



    Note: The Raspberry Pi 5 mainboard is NOT included in the packing list.


    Check out this video, although it's not exactly this version of the case, the assembly steps are the same:


    In the video, the thermal tape is not sticking to the case. But we do advise sticking the thermal tape to the respective IC. Without the thermal tape, there will be an air gap between the case and Raspberry Pi, and as we know, the air is a heat insulator :( So please paste the thermal tape. Don't panic, you can simply attach it to the case as shown below. 


    Note: The figure shown above is the Aluminum Heatsink Case for Raspberry Pi 4 but the assembly of the thermal pad is similar.


    We performed a thermal stress test with Raspberry Pi 5 together with this Aluminum Heatsink Case and the result is quite impressive! The heat difference is around 20 degrees Celsius. 



    • Aluminum Alloy Armor case for Raspberry Pi 5
    • Made from CNC machining manufacturing technology
    • Its cool design and good-looking are liked by makers    
    • It includes the dual fan and thermal tapes/paste which reduce the temperature of the Raspberry Pi board effectively
    • There are four screws for you to fix the case with the Raspberry Pi board
    • Dual Cooling Fan:
      • Low Power Consumption Design
      • Dual Cooling Experience, No More Overheating Problem
      • Very Quiet Cooling Fan, You can hear even nothing
      • Update Thermal Tape Can Make Sure Best Heat Conduction Effect.
    • For Aluminium Alloy Case and Heatsink:
      • Perfect Size for Raspberry Pi 5.
      • Big Size Heatsink and Cooling Fan Can Make Sure: No More Overheating Problem.
      • High Quality CNC Aluminium Alloy Case Can Protect your Pi Safe.
      • Open Design Can Make Sure Our CNC Case will not affect Wifi Signal.
    Packing List
    • 1 x Aluminum Alloy Cooling Case, top and bottom
    • 1 x Dual Cooling Fan (Need to assemble)
    • 5 x Thermal Tape
    • 4 x Allen Cap Bolt to fasten the case (from bottom) 
    • 8 x Allen Cap Bolt to fasten the cooling fan
    • 1 x Allen Key (Hex wrench)


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