-30% RPi Approved Phidisk Class10 U3 MicroSD-128GB

RPi Approved Phidisk Class10 U3 MicroSD-128GB

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    Note: This microSD card has been TESTED and APPROVED by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

    Note: This is a Blank microSD card with 128GB of capacity, you can download the Raspberry Pi imager to load the Operating System.

    This is 128GB, Class 10, U3, A1 grade of microSD card from Phidisk.

    It is being tested by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and passes the requirement set by them.

    The results exceed the requirement needed for Class A1 and also the specifications by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. So we are confident to recommend this microSD for you :)

    I am sure many Raspberry Pi users will have 1 common doubt: What type of microSD card is best for Raspberry Pi? Well, we have been asking the same question since day 1:) Now, let's trust the Raspberry Pi team which is the designer and producer of Raspberry Pi. They recommend Class A1 because of the characteristic of Raspberry Pi accessing the memory on the microSD card. The random read and write speed is critical. For details of Class A1, please refer to here.

    "But more and more, memory cards are being used to extend the memory of devices that run apps. Devices like smartphones and mobile gaming consoles. The apps that run on these devices interact with memory space differently. Rather than a stream of sequential data, they want to write a lot of small chunks of data wherever there's space available. That's known as random read/write (compared to sequential read/write that's important for video)." which Raspberry Pi falls into, the operating system will need to read/write data from/to the microSD card in random access.

    However, this microSD card comes straight from Phidisk and it is BLANK, so there is NO Operating System image in it. Please download the Raspberry Pi Imager or BalenaEtcher to load your favorite Operating System into the microSD card so it can further boot the Raspberry Pi :)

    Note: If you need a microSD card with pre-loaded NOOBS (ready to boot on Raspberry Pi out of the box), please check here:

    Of course, this microSD card is compatible with all models of Raspberry Pi single-board computer :) Just remember to load your preferred Operating System image into it before insert to the Raspberry Pi board.

    This MicroSD card is compatible with: (Need to load preferred Operating System in the microSD card)

    Note: In case you need a USB microSD card reader/writer, get it from here.


    • Brand: Phidisk
    • Tested and Approved by Raspberry Pi Foundation
    • The test result is better than Class A1 and Raspberry Pi Standards:
      • Sequential Write >27MB/S (A1 Standard 10MB/S, Raspberry Pi Standard 12MB/S)
      • Random IOPS - Write: ~1000 IOPS (A1 standard 500 IOPS, Raspberry Pi Standard 500 IOPS)
      • Random IOPS - Read: > 2300 IOPS (A1 standard 1500 IOPS, Raspberry Pi Standard 2000 IOPS)
    • 128GB, Class 10, A1, U3 microSD
    • Blank or Empty microSD card, you will require Raspberry Pi Imager or BalenaEtcher

    Check out how to use Raspberry Pi Imager to "burn" Raspberry Pi OS into microSD card:

    Packing List:

    • 1 x Phidisk 128GB Class 10 U3 MicroSD Card


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