Solar Cell 12V 250mA (3W)

Solar Cell 12V 250mA (3W)

  • Availability:
  • Product Code: SC-12V-250MA
  • Warranty Period: 12 months
  • 12V
  • 250mA
  • 3W
  • Size: 220mm x 120mm x 2mm
Hi, it is possible 12v 250ma solar panel to charge 12v battery? thanks :) ( azizi, 17/10/2018 )
Hi, this is what we found online
This solar panel voltage out is dc or ac? ( Ng Hwee, 04/10/2018 )
HI, it is a DC. For further questions, please visit our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.
can the solar cell bend to fit the shape we want? ( chua, 03/10/2018 )
Sorry, can't.
Hi, can this solar panel charging the PINENG 10000mAh (IN 5V == 2A) power bank? ( Hwee, 30/08/2018 )
Yes, it can with some external circuit design.
is this panel water proof? ( Faizal, 11/08/2017 )
Hi, it is not waterproof. For further questions, please visit to our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.
it is possible 12v 250ma solar panel to charge 5v battery? i want to build battery charger using this solar. ( Amry, 31/12/2016 )

Hi, yes sure you can charge it. Thanks. =)

Hi, would this solar panel enough to power up Arduino / Cytron Uno ? ( Lim, 10/05/2016 )

The output voltage is within the Vin range of Arduino, the current will depends on the usage of power on Arduino itself. If it is LED blinking or simple/low power application, it should be no problem for this solar panel to power the Arduino.

How is the connection for this solar cell ? i need to solder a wire for the output ? ( Anthony, 29/03/2016 )

Hi, Yes. you need to solder the wire. Thanks. :)

May i know the efficiency of this type solar panel? ( Dinesh, 25/11/2015 )

Hi, this is polycrystalline-based solar panels and its efficiency is typically 13-16%.

What is the weight of this solar panel? ( calvin, 28/10/2015 )

Hi, weight of this Solar Panel is 100g. Thanks :)

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