Starter Kit for Cytron Uno

Starter Kit for Cytron Uno

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This is Cytron version of UNO starter kit, we have Arduino UNO starter kit which uses the original Arduino UNO from Italy. Now we manage to package another UNO starter kit using CT-UNO.

As you might have know, Arduino is very simple and straight forward to use microcontroller platform, with standard main board, easy to use IDE and plenty of examples, I am confident you will have fun with it. In Nov 2014, Cytron produced CT-UNO which has the good deal of Arduino UNO and since it is designed and manufactured locally, we managed to lower down the cost and also selling price.

This starter kit offers CT-UNO main board (designed and manufactured by Cytron), includes USB micro-B cable for power and USB connection, a small breadboard and other component for experiments and learning electronics and programming. Digital output using LEDs, Digital input using switch, RGB LED, Analog input with potentiometer, temperature reading using ADC input, LDR for light detection and more.

Please refer to Cytron UNO Starter Kit Book to get started and have fun with exercises and projects.

Package Include:
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Introduction to CT-UNO:


When is this getting a restock? ( Eiton, 19/12/2016 )

Hi, we will restock by this week. Thanks.

After Ive read the differences between arduino uno and cytron uno. It seems like cytron is better. What about the performances and quality? ( Zuhri Ashraaf, 10/12/2016 )


Can you mention the performances and quality in term of what?


Hello, May I know when will the Cytron Uno Starter pack will be restocked? Many thanks ( Mukhzeer, 31/10/2016 )


You can directly message us on our FB page or email to

Thanks. :)

Hello, may I know when will this be restocked? Many thanks ( Mukhzeer, 31/10/2016 )


You can directly message us on our FB page or email to

Thanks. :)

Hi, may I know when the starter kit will be restocked? ( Leon, 22/04/2016 )

Hi, it is already available. Thanks :)

what is the difference between Starter Kit for Cytron Uno and Starter Kit for Arduino Uno? ( anom, 26/01/2016 )

Hi, the differences are microcontroller used and price. Starter Kit for Arduino Uno use Arduino Uno Rev3 main board (original from Italy) while Starter Kit for Cytron Uno use CT-UNO main board (designed and manufactured by Cytron). You can refer here to see the differences and similarities of CT-UNO and Arduino UNO. Thanks. :)

Can the CT-UNO use Arduino software to control? Is that any special driver need? ( yap, 03/11/2015 )

Hi. Yes, you can use CT-Uno with Arduino IDE. You can download the drivers from FTDI official website. Thanks. :)

The male to male jumper wire is same as full set ? Tq ( Xyy, 05/12/2014 )

Yes,  Exactly same.

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