Tamiya Twin-Motor Gearbox

Tamiya Twin-Motor Gearbox

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The Tamiya #70097 twin-motor gearbox is a small plastic gearbox. It contains two small DC motors that drive separate 3mm hexagonal output shafts. There are two ways to put the kit together: with a high-speed 58:1 gear ratio or with a slower 203:1 gear ratio. Either way, the motors provide plenty of power to drive any small robot.

The two low-voltage motors in the twin-motor gearbox run on 1.5 to 3.0 volts. The 3mm, hexagonal output shaft is compatible with any of the Tamiya wheels to meet different ground surface. The motor is FA-130 (18100), please refer to the datasheet for the motor specifications.
Motor Specification (FA-130 (18100)):
  • Operating Voltage range : 1.5V - 3.0V
  • Norminal Voltage : 3V DC
  • Torque & RPM for 58:1 gear ratio: 42.9mN.m, 167RPM
  • Torque & RPM for 203:1 gear tatio: 150.2mN.m, 47RPM
  • No Load Current : 0.15A
  • Stall current: 2.10A
  • Shaft dimension: 2.0mm diameter x 7.7mm length
  • Weight: 105g
Hi, I guess cytron had track and wheel set which can attached with Tamiya-Motor Gearbox before. Is there any possibility that the item will available again in future. Thanks ( gorgom, 06/10/2015 )


The product is discontinued and no longer available. Sorry for inconvenience caused.

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