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USB Micro B Cable

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    Searching for suitable USB cable to connect to Cytron UNOMaker UNO, NodeMCU, micro:bit or Raspberry Pi Zero? Yup, you can get it here.

    This is USB 2.0 type A to micro USB 5-pin cable. It might not be a new standard nowadays, but I am pretty sure many devices still use USB microB as power receptor to charge battery, as data communication like NodeMCU, Maker UNO, CT-UNO. Micro USB connectors are about half the height of mini USB. Micro USB is found on newer hand held devices like cell phones and portable media devices. Works great with the Google Nexus One and of course the famous Arduino Leonardo.

    Picture above shows this USB Micro B Cable used with Cytron UNO, which have extra standard pads for those who wanted to create their own shield.

    Picture above shows this USB Micro B Cable used with Maker UNO, an Arduino Compatible board specially design to simplify building your projects.

    Picture above shows this USB Micro B Cable used with NodeMCU V2 Doit ESP12E, which is suitable for IoT projects.

    Picture above shows this USB Micro B Cable used with Raspberry Pi Zero. This RPi Zero was enclosed by our custom acrylic case. Completely captivated by our custom Acrylic Case for RPi Zero? Don't worry as you can get it here :)

    • Can be used for data transmission
    • USB Type A to micro B cable
    • USB 2.0


    • Color: Black
    • Length: ~ 1 meter (3 feet)
    Packing List
    • 1 x USB Type A to USB micro B
    ROHS Certificate
    FCC Certificate
    CE Certificate
    Q & A (5)
    do you have this cable of 4" to 6" long type? ( Low TJ, 28/07/2021 )
    Hi. Nope, we don't have other length size for this cable, only have these cables.
    HI, may I know the power rating and the data speed of this cable? ( Ho Kooi Chee, 09/03/2021 )
    Hi. We did not have detailed info on both power rating and data speed from our supplier. This USB 2.0 estimated transfer speed is about 480 Mbps.
    Hi, how much V and A does this Micro USB can transmit. I am working on a raspberry Pi project requiring 5V and 3A cable connection. ( Iman, 02/06/2018 )
    Hi, for now we don't have information for that. Anyway, you can consider to use 5V3A Adapter micro B. Thanks.
    length of this cable? ( xgenderx, 28/02/2016 )
    Hi. Length of this cable is 1m including the connector. Thanks. :)
    Does this cable support both DATA & CHARGING? or data only? ( Amiera, 03/06/2015 )
    It is for both the power and data.

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