USB PIC Programmer

USB PIC Programmer

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UP00B is the enhanced version of UP00A. As PIC MCU is gaining its popularity in market for student and hobbyist, more low cost and user friendly programmer is needed. Previous USB PIC Programmer, UP00A is obsolete because it cannot support Windows Vista, fail to program many new PIC MCU, further the firmware is not upgradeable. Hence, UP00B is now introduced to you! It comes with two ZIP sockets to offer program loading to 8 pin, 18 pin, 28 pin and 40 pin PIC MCU (8 bit) by using Microchip PICKit2 software. It offers a low cost yet convenience USB PIC Programmer to user.  Loading program to PIC MCU will be as easy as 1, 2, 3. It has been designed with capabilities and features as below:

  • USB powered, no extra power needed to load program
  • Two ZIF sockets (20 pins and 40 pins) to ease program loading process
  • Support most 8pin, 18pin, 28pin and 40pin PDIP 8 bit PIC MCU
  • Support Windows XP,  Vista, 7 (32 and 64-bits)
  • Support Intel and AMD based system
  • Support Laptop and desktop PC

Dimension: 9.6cm x 5cm
Document: User Manual
can I use driver/program UP00B for UP00A? or u still keep the driver/program for UP00A? can I get it? and is it applicable support for windows 7? thanks... ( Rahman, 23/02/2016 )

Nop, UP00A and UP00B use different driver and are not interchangeable. We do not keep the driver for UP00A as it has obsoleted for years, and it does not support Win 7 and above.

Does it support pic 16F877A? ( Abdul Rahman, 21/10/2015 )

Hi, you can refer here for supported PICs using ZIF Sockets. Thanks.

does this suport pic16f690? ( haris lim, 12/02/2015 )

Yes, it does support, but you might have to update the dat file according to this tutorial.

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