USB to UART converter V2011 (discontinue)

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Note: This product is discontinued, please check UC00A or UC00C.

Serial communication is most popular interface between device and this applies to microcontroller and computer. UART is one of those serial interfaces. Classically, most serial interface from microcontroller to computer is done through serial port (DB9). However, since computer serial port used RS232 protocol and microcontroller used TTL UART, a level shifter is needed between these interfaces. Recently, serial port of computer have been phase out, it have been replaced with USB. Of course most developer chooses USB to serial converter to obtain virtual serial port. The level shifter is still necessary for UART interface. Thus, Cytron decided to develop a USB to UART converter which offers USB plug and play, direct interface with microcontroller and it provide low current 5V supply from USB port. 

This product offers low cost USB to UART converter to user.  Make you easy to connect a microcontroller project to a PC. Compare to UC00A which is USB 2.0 speed, this product use a low cost USB 1.1 speed of chip and the driver can support Windows Operating System only, no driver for LINUX or Mac. However, it is more than enough in most of the projects. It has been designed with capabilities and features of:

  • USB Specification v1.1
  • Tested with the baud rate up to 115200 bps. 
  • Low cost USB to UART converter
  • Easy to use, aiming development between computer and microcontroller, 3.3V or 5V logic.
  • USB powered, no external source is required to use this converter
  • Configurable for 3.3V/5V UART interface.
  • Easy to use 6 pin interface: TXD, RXD, GND, DTR, RTS and VCC (5V or 3.3V).
Good news, Windows 8 and 8.1 is supported. Please download the steps and driver 1.5 from attachment tab.

Dimension: 53mm x 15mm 

The USB port will map into a serial COM port on PC side?
I need this to be able to use a serial terminal.

( KOOROSH, 19/05/2017 )
Hi, yes, this device will be detected as virtual COM port. Thanks.
when i connect and upload my program to my arduino (Pro Mini), it could not upload to the board. my port, board and processor are all correct. is there a possibility that the usb is broken? ( Naad, 29/04/2017 )

Hi, if you have other usb you can try to connect it and try to upload the program again. If this problem still occur can you email the clear picture of  your connection and the arduino IDE windows to We will help you :)

1. When I connected the UC00B at USB port, the it became too hot, I can't even touch it and my laptop wasn't recognize it. May I know why? ( hafizuddin, 14/05/2016 )

Hi. Did the UC00B has been connected to other device when it has been connected to the USB port or you connect only the UC00B to the USB port? You can contact our support team at with the necessaries information for the support team help you to troubleshoot the problem. If the UC00B is defected they will guide you in warranty process. Thanks :)

can this be used to connect ESPresso Lite v2.0 to pc? thanks ( bruh, 01/05/2016 )

Yes, it can but makesure the connection is correct :)

Hai Cytron, What can I do if the problem is USB is not recognized? ( TingChai, 24/03/2016 )

Hi, This is may due to improper installation of the driver. You may refer to the user manual at page 9 for software installation. If you are using WIndows 8 and above you can refer to this steps of installation. Thanks. :)

What make Cytron Technologies so mean and nasty nowadays? It is because Cytron Technologies think its groceries was more value and its snob team more PRO than all other in this world? I bet Cytron Technologies no dare to public this but delete as spam, LOL... p/s: Let me just tell the story at other website LOL.... ( vulgar cytron, 15/02/2016 )

I'm sorry for the unpleasant experience. Can you explain what is happening and we will take action to solve the problem. Your feedback will help us to improve our service. Don't worry, we won't delete your msg. :)

does the driver support windows 10? if yes which version? ( amirul, 05/02/2016 )

Hi, it does support windows 10. Steps of installing driver for Windows 10 is same as steps for Windows 8. You can refer here. Thanks. :)

In this tutorial ( ) you mention using DTR for reset, but i've been trying to use DTR for reset and it does not work .... and the manual says nothing about using as a reset ... please confirm as your tutorial and data sheets are conflicting ( Myles, 16/01/2016 )

Hi, Sorry for the inconvenient. You can use either DTR or Reset button for Reset. If you are using DTR for reset and it does not work you have to check pin connection of Arduino-promini to UC00B. Kindly visit our technical forum and post a forum with detailed information such as photo of hardware setup and etc. Thanks. :)

Hello.Is your provide driver suport for window 10? ( rasyid, 14/01/2016 )

Hi, it does support windows 10. Steps of installing driver for Windows 10 is same as steps for Windows 8. You can refer here. Thanks. :)

I used 5 of this for my current project which is to power up an Arduino which I fabricated myself. It heated up and spoil. I first used USB 3.0, then i switched to USB 2.0, but it still shows me the same result. Any advice? ( Jonathan, 12/09/2015 )

Can't really help with little information. If it heat up, normally is because of wrong connect or short. You can send more information (picture of hardware setup, etc) to, our technical team might be able to help.

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