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Out Of Stock Waterproof Ultrasonic Module

Waterproof Ultrasonic Module

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    This is a JSN-SR04T waterproof ultrasonic rangefinder module. The use of industrial-grade integrated ultrasonic probe design, which is stable performance. Its usage is as same as HC-SR04, the measurement distance is accurate- about 0.5cm, the furthest distance can be measured is 4.5 meters(though we see 6.0 meters). It is small so easy to carry , and suitable for a variety of wet and harsh measurement environment. In general we will use it in horizontal ranging, obstacle avoidance, automated control, monitoring of objects and its movement, traffic control, security and artificial intelligence, educational research.

    Waterproof of the ultrasound sensor refer to the probe (black color module of the ultrasound transducer) means it can be used in rain condition, not underwater.

    It is compatible with HR-SR04 in term of code and interface, so please check out the tutorial using SR04.

    *Note: Version 2.0 requires echo pin to be pulled up to VCC. A 4.7K Ohm to 10K Ohm resistor can be used as pull-up resistor.


    • small size, easy to use
    • low voltage, low power consumption
    • high accuracy
    • strong anti-jamming
    • integrated with wire enclosed waterproof probe, suitable for wet, harsh measurement occasions


    • Working voltage: DC 3.3V to 5V
    • Static working current: 5mA
    • Working current: 30mA
    • Acoustic emission frequency: 40KHz
    • Wiring/Interface:
      • +5V(positive)
      • Trig(control)
      • Echo(receive)
      • GND(cathode)
    • Farthest distance: 4.5 meters
    • Blind: 25cm
    • Module size: 41mm * 28.5mm
    • Resolution: ~ 0.5cm
    • Angle: less than 50 degrees
    • Working temperature: -10 ~ 70 ℃
    • Storage temperature: -20 ~ 80 ℃


    • Horizontal distance measurement
    • Obstacle avoidance, automatic control
    • Traffic control
    • Security, industrial control
    Hello. How long is the cable from the sensor? Thanks! ( Tom Maurice Fayle , 17/06/2020 )
    Not answered yet.
    Is the frequency range of the ultrasound module(not the circuit board chip) limited to 40kHz for pinging and receiving? ( Ian, 24/11/2019 )
    For further questions, please visit to our technical forum for similar question or post your question there, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.
    What is the minimum distance detection? Is it able to detect 1cm range? ( Muhammad Luqman Muhd Zain , 07/11/2019 )
    Hi, it is about 0.5 cm. Thanks :)
    Hi, may i know its' beam width? because my cubicles lot are 2.5 meter height and 900 mm width for each lots. And i could like to install ultrasonic sensor for each cubicle lots. thanks ( fredric, 03/11/2019 )
    Hi, we would like suggest you to email to our support team at support@cytron.io. Thanks :)
    Will I be able to use it with my feather 32u4 (3.3V) ? ( Efi B, 10/10/2019 )
    Hi! Yes, you can. Thanks :)
    please contact me at +6016 206 9972 or raymond@iotxgroup.com ( Raymond , 07/10/2019 )
    Hi! You may email all the details to sales@cytron.io . Thanks :)
    You have any ultrasonic sensor can detect human in a room and give a dry contact output , say 5 min interval . need about 100 Q4, target 500 pcs 2020

    ( Raymond , 07/10/2019 )
    Hi! You may email all the details to sales@cytron.io . Thanks :)
    can the sensor be used to detect water level? ( aimi, 22/04/2019 )
    Hi, yes you can use the ultrasonic sensor to detect the water level.
    if i look at the transducer end, the design is somehow made to be adapted into an enclosure or a mounting bracket. Do you sell the enclosure/ mounting bracket? Like HC-SR04, it has many types of casing and mounting bracket available in the market.
    ( rasydan, 26/03/2018 )
    Hi, sorry, currently we don't have bracket for Waterproof Ultrasonic Module. Thanks.
    Hi.. Is Waterproof Ultrasonic Module able to measure distance if it been submerge underwater. What is the product rating ip67 or ip68. ( mohd radzi, 23/11/2017 )
    Hi, once we get the information from the supplier, we will update the product page. Thanks.

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