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  • Warranty Period: 12 months
XBee Pro have better communication range than XBee module. It offers higher transmitter power which will cover up to 750 meters of wireless communication range. Since the pin diagram and driver is exactly the same as XBee, we now offer SKXBee-Pro. The User's Manual is compatible for both this module.

XBee-Pro module is included on SKXBee-Pro, please read the User's Manual. If you like to have latest X-CTU installer, please download it from here.

  • Communication range up to 750 meters
  • Come with XBee-Pro module and tested before being shipped
  • USB Plug and Play UART function
  • 5V powered
  • 5V UART interface, ready for microcontroller interface
  • Default baud rate of 9600bps
  • Long Range Data Integrity
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact yet easy and reliable platform
  • As serial port replacement (wireless)
  • Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and peer-to-peer topologies supported
Please check out for our XBee Tutorial for more applications. 
* SKXBee Boad is now in Revision 2.0. It has been designed with capabilities and features of:
  • Support XBee Series 1, Series 2, XBee Pro Series 1, Cytron’s BlueBee
  • USB Plug and Play, offer UART serial communication to XBee module
  • 5V powered, with power indicator LED
  • On board Reset button
  • RX and TX indicator LEDs
  • RSSI and ASSOC indicator LEDs
  • 5V UART interface, ready for microcontroller interface
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact yet easy and reliable platform
  • As serial port replacement (wireless)
  • Dimension: 55mm x 40mm
Dimension: 8cm x 4cm



Is this 60mW S1 coming with the starter kit? ( Alireza, 07/05/2016 )

Hi. It is XBee Pro 60mW Wire Antenna - Series 1. Thanks :)


I am ordering 6 Starter kit with Zigbee Devices, so if I were to control them, all i need is 1 USB trasceiver/transmitter Is it correct? ( Bala, 01/03/2015 )

USB transceiver ? Transmitter? Not really understand your question. USB cable? XBee itself is Transceiver which can receive and transmit data. If you were to control 6 XBee via SKXBee. you will either connect them to computer using USB cable or connect them to microcontroller via the side pins. Anyway please do continue the discussion in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)


Hi XBEE PRO STARTER KIT content list please. Do you have stock.What will be shipping cost to Singapore. ( Bala, 25/02/2015 )

XBee Pro Starter Kit include SKXBee R2, XBee PRO Series 1 and a USB mini-B cable. The shipping cost will be listed in the cart by the system before you make payment.

Hi... saya baru sahaja membeli XBEE PRO STARTER KIT dari cytron, saya cuba setup..., tetapi tiada apa yang berlaku..., ada tutorial yg boleh saya rujuk ( Nazrin, 11/02/2015 )

Hi, have you check the User's Manual? There are plenty of tutorials in our tutorial site.

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