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XBee has become extremely popular among robot builder and embedded wireless communication. It can be used for control and monitoring, data streaming, real-time wireless update and also the wireless downloader. Finally, the user can enjoy another simple yet reliable wireless communication for robots. However, using XBee OEM RF module need extra work to interface since it is 3.3V power and require 3.3V interface. Besides, the pins are a 2mm pitch to pitch that is not compatible with prototype board. With these reasons, Cytron Technologies has designed Starter kit for the user to easily utilize XBee module. With SKXBee, the user only requires 4 simple wiring to offer wireless communication to 5V microcontroller. On board USB interface, can easily turn SKXBee into XBee dongle.  This package combines the SKXBee and XBee Series 1 module.

Please download the latest X-CTU installer here.

  • Communication range up to 100 meters
  • Come with XBee module and tested before being shipped
  • USB Plug and Play UART function
  • 5V powered
  • 5V UART interface, ready for microcontroller interface
  • Default baud rate of 9600bps
  • Long Range Data Integrity
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact yet easy and reliable platform
  • As serial port replacement (wireless)
  • Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and peer-to-peer topologies supported
Please check out for our XBee Tutorial for more applications. 
* SKXBee Board is now in Revision 2.0. It has been designed with capabilities and features of:
  • Support XBee Series 1, Series 2, XBee Pro Series 1, Cytron’s BlueBee
  • USB Plug and Play, offer UART serial communication to XBee module
  • 5V powered, with power indicator LED
  • On board Reset button
  • RX and TX indicator LEDs
  • RSSI and ASSOC indicator LEDs
  • 5V UART interface, ready for microcontroller interface
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact yet easy and reliable platform
  • As serial port replacement (wireless)
  • Dimension: 55mm x 40mm



Is it a 60mW or 1mW series 1? ( Alireza Safdari, 07/05/2016 )

Hi, It is XBee 1mW Wire Antenna - Series 1. Thanks :)


Hi ! If I use arduino with xbee as a transmitter , can I recieve data using SKxbee with computer as reciver ?. Or I must use ( arduino, xbee and computer )as reciveing point ? ( Azam, 25/04/2016 )

Hi, You can use SKXbee + Xbee with the computer as receiver. Note that Xbee for transmitter should be the same module/series as XBee for the receiver. For further inquiry, kindly visit our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :)

Hi Admin, I found out that after receive my SKXBEE, the XBee are not functioning. (Computer can't discover). I had try out that the shield is functioning as normal (PWR and ASSO light does on). Need your advise. ( Boo Siew, 16/01/2015 )

Hi, please check whether the driver of SKXBee is install properly :) Anyway you can email support@cytron.com.my with some setup picture and printscreen of the problem. Our technical support will help you.

Does this Xbee Starter kit include xbee S2 module? ( HII TIEN MING, 05/12/2014 )

Nop, it comes with XBee Series 1 not Series 2. But you can purchase the SKXBee without module and XBee Series 2 seperatedly.

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