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BreadBoard Power Stick 5V 3V3

Breadboard is a common board for prototyping, we use it a lot during prototyping and simple electronic component evaluation. But is quite difficult to get a proper 5V and..

$4.50 Ex Tax: $4.50

3-5V 22x4.5 Piezo Buzzer with Wires

This is a passive/piezo buzzer terminated with color-coded wire (Red and Black) for connection to your project. We are using it for many projects and also include this bu..

$0.25 Ex Tax: $0.25

micro:servo 180 degrees analog servo for micro:bit

Wanted to use servo motor on 3.3V system like micro:bit or NodeMCU or NodeMCU 32, but most of the servo's operating voltage starts from 4.8V, right? Well, you are on ..

$5.00 Ex Tax: $5.00