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Dual 18650 Li-Ion Battery Charger

Low cost dual slot 18650 sized Li-Ion battery charger that able to charge your 18650 Li-Ion independently. Seperate LED to show the charging status for each battery. ..

$4.00 Ex Tax: $4.00

N2 Plus Universal Charger

Rechargeable battery like 18650 Li-ion and Ni-MH (AA) battery are getting more popular due to the long term economic saving and of course evironmental friendly (good to o..

$7.50 Ex Tax: $7.50

Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh 3.7V Li-ion

Note: This is NOT A or AA or AAA type of battery, this is specifically 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery with rated voltage at 3.7V. DO NOT attempt to replace an A type b..

$7.50 Ex Tax: $7.50

2x18650 Battery Holder with DC Jack

18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery is very popular because of it capacity and voltage. We encourage user to use rechargeable battery because it reduce battery waste and sa..

$0.93 Ex Tax: $0.93

820 Coreless Motor Pair with Blade

Motor is always great electric parts to experiment with. This is a pair of high speed coreless motor, comes with two different propeller blades, Clockwise and Counter Clo..

$3.38 Ex Tax: $3.38