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9V Battery Connector to DC Jack Arduino

This is a very useful connector, on one end is snap for the 9V battery, and another end is the standard DC jack (2.1mm). If you are using 9V battery to power your Arduino..

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DC Jack(Female) to Screw Terminal Adapter

Female DC jack convert to screw terminal if you need to connect a DC power wall wart to a board that doesn’t have a DC jack. It is a very standard 2.1mm female head that ..

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DC Plug(Male) to Screw Terminal Adapter

It is very useful when you want to connect a battery to a board that comes with a standard 2.1mm DC jack. Many boards like Arduino Uno and our SK40C also come with the st..

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Dean T LiPo Battery Wire Extension 15cm - Male Out Of Stock

Dean T LiPo Battery Wire Extension 15cm - Male

The Li-Po battery usually comes with the special connectors that very hard for you to connect to your board directly because the battery is made for the RC applications. ..

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