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Plastic Wheel for SPG30/SPG50 (80mm)

Newly customized wheel with outer rubber tyre and ABS as the rim. No additional coupling is needed, the center of rim fit perfectly with D shape 6mm round shaft :)  ..

$1.25 Ex Tax: $1.25

mBot N20 Vacuum Steel Ball Universal Wheel (Castor)

A caster is a wheeled device typically mounted to a larger object that enables relatively easy rollingmovement of the object. Casters are essentially housings, that inclu..

$0.75 Ex Tax: $0.75

W420 Steel Ball Universal Wheel (Castor)

Castor is needed for mobile robot to support the base, especially two wheels mobile robot. Here is the perfect castor with steel ball for small mobile robot. The height i..

$0.75 Ex Tax: $0.75

Pololu Ball Caster c/w Plastic Ball -59%

Pololu Ball Caster c/w Plastic Ball

This ball caster kit includes a black ABS housing, a 1/2" diameter plastic ball, two spacers (1/16" and 1/8" thick), and two #2 screw sets. The total height of this ball ..

$5.98 $2.48 Ex Tax: $2.48

Slim Wheel for G15

64mm diameter wheel that incorporated with Cube Servo standard slot is designed for mobile robot application. The wheel is made by Nylon and put on with a silicone rubber..

$3.75 Ex Tax: $3.75

Tamiya Ball Castor (2pcs)

12mm diameter Selectable height (25mm and 35mm) Plastic casing Light application Comes in 2pcs/set..

$5.75 Ex Tax: $5.75


Building mobile robot with rero, this castor will be helpful. The rero castor function as a ball bearing to reduce the friction and it is compatible with rero controller ..

$2.25 Ex Tax: $2.25