Setup 3.5-Inch TFT on Raspberry Pi 5

Setup 3.5-Inch TFT on Raspberry Pi 5



1. For this tutorial, I am using the latest Raspbian OS Bookworm. You can flash the image using Raspberry Pi Imager Software.





I am using Raspberry Pi OS Full (64-bit) for this setup.

Insert the freshly installed microSD card with Bookworm OS into the Raspberry Pi.


2. Stack the LCD onto Raspberry Pi as shown in pictures below.


Before the graphic driver is installed, the Raspberry Pi will output graphics to an HDMI port, so you will need a monitor, mouse, and keyboard to access the terminal.


Installation of graphic driver.



3. Access Raspberry Pi OS via VNC or direct to monitor.


4. Open terminal.


5. Execute the following command:


sudo rm -rf LCD-show




git clone




chmod -R 755 LCD-show




cd LCD-show/

sudo ./MHS35-show



6. After this command, the Raspberry Pi will restart and the graphic will be displayed on 3.5 LCD instead of HDMI port.




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