Setup 5 inch TFT Screen for Raspberry Pi 4

Setup 5 inch TFT Screen for Raspberry Pi 4

Hello readers, in this guide I will show you on how to properly setup the 5inch TFT screen on your Raspberry Pi 4B. This touch screen is very reliable as it fit perfectly for Raspberry Pi board that make it look like a compact system/mini PC. You may follow this guide if you are starting to use or if you are encounter any issues.

Step 1: Install Raspbian Image


There are two ways that you can use :

a) Download Raspberry Pi Imager software from the official website : Raspberry Pi Imager

b)) Format using the image with Flasher Software : Raspbian OS Image

We suggest to use the Raspberry Pi Imager as it is very convenient and reliable method.

Recommended OS :  Raspbian Bullseye OS (Legacy) 64-bit Full


2) Format microSD card to FAT32 format using Raspberry pi Imager


Before flashing, we need to format the microSD card into FAT32 format. You may use other software like Balena Ether or SD Card Formatter to accomplish this.

If you are using Pi Imager choose the option to Erase and it will automatically format to FAT32



3) Using the Imager software, flash the designated OS into the microSD


This step is very crucial, make sure to use the correct OS for the Raspberry Pi board



Once finished, insert the freshly installed OS microSD card into Raspberry Pi and power it up.

You can connect Raspberry Pi to output display or Log in the Raspberry Pi by VNC Viewer. Input your username and password to log in.



Step 2 : Installing the Driver 


1) Open terminal on the Raspberry Pi

2) Execute the following command (you can click the right mouse button to paste after copied in VNC viewer)


sudo rm -rf LCD-show

git clone



chmod -R 755 LCD-show

cd LCD-show/

sudo ./LCD5-show



3) Wait for a moment after executing the commands

4) Reboot (sudo reboot) or Turn off Raspberry Pi once it is finished.


Step 3 : Hardware setup


1)Mount the TFT display on the Raspberry Pi as shown in picture below.



2) Power up Raspberry Pi and Voilà! the TFT display is now able to be used.


Step 4 : Touch screen calibration.


To install the touchscreen calibrator :

Simply go to Home - Pi - LCD-show and find xinput calibrator_0.7.5-2_armhf.deb file and double click it.

The installation will commence and wait until it is done.


Go to menu → preferences → calibrate touchscreen. Click calibrate touchscreen.



The calibration will now commence, just follow the instructions.


Once it is done open terminal and write :


sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg_ conf. d/99-calibration.conf




save the d99 config



Press CTRL + X to exit and press Y to save.



Lastly reboot or type sudo reboot in the terminal.


Thank you for reading.



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