AI with ZOOM:BIT: Face Recognition

AI with ZOOM:BIT: Face Recognition

This tutorial is about using ZOOM:BIT with Huskylens to create a fun face-recognition project. We'll teach ZOOM:BIT to recognize a special face, like a birthday child, and sing them a song!


Video Tutorial



How Does This Project Work?


By pressing Button A, ZOOM:BIT will "learn" or memorize a specific face. Whenever it sees that face (assuming it's the birthday child), it will sing the happy birthday song.



For anyone else, ZOOM:BIT will simply say hello. If you ever want to clear the memory and teach it a new face, just press Button B.



Building the Code


Firstly, we'll need to add ZOOM:BIT and Huskylens extensions in MakeCode Editor. Once they are ready, we can jump into building the code.

You can view and download the complete code from here.



What the Code Does?


The code starts by setting up Huskylens for face recognition.



When you press Button A, ZOOM:BIT will learn and remember the face of the birthday child.



Button B clears its memory.



Inside the Forever loop, ZOOM:BIT constantly checks for faces. If it sees the birthday child (FaceID1), it "sings" the happy birthday song and shows a musical note icon.



For anyone else, it just says hello with a smiley icon. And when no face is detected, it displays a friendly heart icon.



Project Complete

Well done completing the first project of ZOOM:BIT & Huskylens. In the next tutorial, we'll learn about object tracking.

Hardware Components

ZOOM:BIT Robot Car Kit for micro:bit

$37.25++ $47.50++ $37.25

x 1 unit(s)