Arduino Gemma on Cuteduino

Arduino Gemma on Cuteduino

Arduino introduced a new board - Arduino Gemma. It is now available on Arduino IDE 1.6.4 and above. It uses ATtiny85 microcontroller (same as Cuteduino), but with a different bootloader file. You can refer to Repairing Cuteduino Bootloader tutorial to replace Cuteduino's bootloader with Arduino Gemma's bootloader. So today I will share the steps so you can try out Arduino Gemma on Cuteduino.


1. Download the latest Arduino IDE. *Currently V1.6.4
2. Complete all the steps in Repairing Cuteduino Bootloader tutorial except for step 3, change Board to Arduino Gemma instead of Cuteduino.
3. At first your PC will not recognize Arduino Gemma, you need to update the driver by pointing the driver path to "...\arduino-1.6.4\drivers".

Arduino Gemma

4. Now you are ready to program your board! Select Board and Programmer to Arduino Gemma. Open the Blink example sketch and replace the pin number to 1.


5. Press reset button to enter bootloader mode, the LED will be pulsing with a 10s time out. You can upload when the device in bootloader mode only. If it fails, disconnect, reconnect and try again. 6. Now you have Arduino Gemma on a Cuteduino board!