Arduino Wireless Programming (Bluetooth)

Arduino Wireless Programming (Bluetooth)

I already share Arduino Wireless Programming tutorial before, by using a BBFuino. But people ask me, how if I already have Arduino UNO, is there any shield that can do that? The answer is YES!



1. Arduino Uno (link).
2. Cytron Xbee Shield (link).
3. Cytron Bluetooth Module – BLUEBEE (link).
4. USB B Type Cable (link).


Arduino IDE (1.5.8 beta which support Arduino DUE and YUN), telnet sofware e.g HyperTerminal.


1. Connect BLUEBEE pin 6 to Arduino reset pin, or you can simply follow the picture below.



1. There have a mini slide switch on the BlueBee, set it to “AT“. Then put the TX and RX jumper to USB.
2. Stack Cytron Xbee Shield to Arduino Uno and connect it to PC using USB B Type Cable.


3. Open HyperTerminal (telnel software), choose Arduino COM port number and set baudrate to 38400.


4. Set the ASCII properties as below.


5. Now, time to write the AT command:
AT (followed by enter)
OK (response from BlueBee)
AT+POLAR=1,0 (followed by enter)
OK (response from BlueBee)
AT+UART=115200,0,0 (followed by enter)
OK (response from BlueBee)

AT Command

6. Disconnect USB B Type Cable and set the mini switch on BlueBee back to “Trans“. Then put TX and RX jumper to D1 and D0.


7. Power up the Arduino Uno, then pair your PC bluetooth to BlueBee, insert “1234” as a pairing key.
8. Once done, you will get a bluetooth COM port number (2 COM port).



You can refer to video on the folowing steps:
1. Open Arduino IDE. Please take note, you need to use Arduino IDE version 1.5.X which support Arduino DUE and Arduino YUN.
2. Open toneMelody example. Connect piezo buzzer to pin A1.
3. Choose Arduino Uno board.
4. Select COM port (there have 2 COM port, choose the smaller number), in my case I will select COM8. (in the video COM6)
5. Click Upload icon.
6. Done uploading, Arduino will play melody on piezo buzzer. Done!
*If you want to use Arduino monitor to display serial data, make sure to edit the baudrate on Arduino sketch to 115200.
e.g Serial.begin(115200);
**Now you can have a cheaper Arduino wireless programmer shield.
***You also can apply this tutorial on Arduino Mega.