Build BocoBot Car with Robo Pico

Build BocoBot Car with Robo Pico

Welcome to our comprehensive series of tutorials designed to guide you through an exciting journey with the Bocobot Car kit!


Assembling Your Bocobot Car

Firstly, let's get your car assembled and ready for action. Simply follow the steps demonstrated in the video and you'll have your car built in no time.


Note: From September 2023 onwards, the screws for Maker Line come in black color.



If you're unsure how to do this, don't worry. The connection diagram below will guide you through the process.


As you progress through these lessons, you'll be capable of implementing a variety of fascinating projects with your Robot Car. Here's a snapshot of what you'll achieve:


1. Basic Movement: Your first milestone is learning the essential maneuvers. You'll program your car to move forward, backward, and take sharp turns left and right - the core skills for any robot car.


2. Obstacle Avoidance: Next, we'll add a layer of expertise, allowing your car to smartly detect and avoid obstacles in its path. This will ensure your car's smooth navigating, free from collisions.


3. Light Searching: We'll then introduce your car to the world of light detection. Your car will not just react to light sources, it will actively seek and chase them!


4. Line Following: This is where your car starts to show off its precision and discipline. By following a predefined line on a track, it will demonstrate mastery of guided navigation.


5. WiFi Control: Finally, we'll make your car a look of modern technology by enabling WiFi control. You'll learn how to operate your car remotely using your laptop or phone connected to the same WiFi network.


Each tutorial is a step forward in your Robo Pico Car adventure. By the end, you'll have a multi-skilled Robot Car, capable of a variety of tasks, and you'll possess the knowledge to take your robotics endeavors even further. Let's get started on this exciting journey!

Hardware Components

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