DIY Automated Vacuum Cleaner Using REKA:BIT With Micro:bit

DIY Automated Vacuum Cleaner Using REKA:BIT With Micro:bit

Here, you are about to make an automated vacuum cleaner, it is super cool and efficient. This project will inspire you to make so many cool projects with REKA:BIT

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Components and Tools

screenshot 152 1 1024x576 (1)

Electrical Components Required:

Tools Required:

All listed components can be found on our website Cytron Technologies

Step 2: Assembly Car Chassis

Insert the fastener into the chassis after tearing off the yellow protection wrap of the chassis, the fastener, and the code wheel


Fix the motor to the chassis, then insert and tighten the screws.(note: the copper sheet of the leading wire of the motor should face outward, the same side of the wheel)


Insert the spacer and tighten the 8 screws to fix the hammer caster


Hold tight and insert the motor (protection fastener) into the wheel



Installation completed


Step 3: Use Cardboard to Make the Vacuum Body

  • Cut the cardboard based on the following dimensions as shown in the figure below
  • Glue the two sides on the base
  • Glue the back and front part
  • Attach the top part using tape, so we can open and close the vacuum easily
1 12 23 3
4 45 56 6
  •   Bring another piece of cardboard to make a dust container as shown in the figures
7 78 89 9
10 1011 11 

Step 4: Connection

compressjpgvacuumcleaner circuit diagram

  1. Ultrasonic sensor will be connected to the first grove port
  2. Both of DC motor wheels will be connected to motor terminals
  3. The fan motor will be connected to the servo port, the red wire should be connected to the negative pin, and the black wire will be connected to the postive pin (that way the fan will rotate counter-clockwise)
  • Note: the servo port will provide 6v to fan motor, therefore the motor will rotate at maximum speed

Step 5: Code

microbit screenshot 1

Now, connect your REKA:BIT to your device and open MakeCode editor to start programming.

  • Add REKA:BIT extension and follow the code block in the picture above
  • After completing the code block, download it and compile it over REKA:BIT

You can also view and edit the code by clicking here!

Well done!

screenshot 172 2 1024x576

There you have it .. now turn on REKA:BIT and let the vacuum cleaner start the work!

Hardware Components