DIY Interactive Robot using REKA:BIT with micro:bit | Tutorial for Beginners

DIY Interactive Robot using REKA:BIT with micro:bit | Tutorial for Beginners

This awesome robot involves using servo motors, DC motors, LEDs, and a potentiometer. Other than that, the robot will help you to be familiar with most of the MicroBit sensors such as sound sensor, light sensor, and temperature sensors.

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Step 1: Components and Tools


Electrical Components Required:


Tools Required:

Step 2: Use Cardboard to Make the Robot Body


Cut the cardboard to the dimensions shown in figure 1

Interactive Robot - A4 Template.pdf


Use the glue gun to attach the right side


Use the glue gun to attach the left side


Attach the breadboard holder as shown in figure 4


Make sure to leave a little space for the ease of wire connection


Step 3: Connection

compressjpginteractive robot circuit diagram

  • The first grove port of REKA:BIT will be connected to the potentiometer
  • Connect LEDs to the breadboard, where: The long leg (Anode) should be connected to the output pin. The short leg (Cathode) should be connected to a resistor, and the resistor will be connected to the ground pin. After that, connect the female wires coming from the grove port to the male wires on the breadboard
  • Connect both servo motors to the servo ports number 1 and 2
  • Connect the DC motors to their terminals

Step 4: Attach Components to Cardboard

Insert the potentiometer in the middle
Place the breadboard over the cardboard piece
Attach servo motors
Place DC motors on the bottom sides
Attach REKA:BIT and fix it using cable ties
Insert the caster wheel into a piece of cardboard and place it at the bottom
Place the battery holder over the cardboard piece
Make the circuit connection as shown in the previous step
Attach the ice cream sticks to servo motors
Close the top side with a cardboard pieceslide10

Step 5: Code


Now, connect the MicroBit to your device and open MakeCode editor to start programming.

  • Add REKA:BIT extension and follow the code block in the picture above
  • After completing the code block, download it and compile it over REKA:BIT

You can also view and edit the code by clicking here!

Well Done!

interacticerobot (1)

Awesome! the interactive robot is ready to go.
Turn on REKA:BIT and enjoy having fun with it.

Don't forget to show your cool robot to your friends!

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