DIY Table Lamp with xTool D1 Pro and Neopixel strip

DIY Table Lamp with xTool D1 Pro and Neopixel strip


👉In this project, you will learn how to make DIY table lamp by using laser cutting and any Raspberry Pi Pico. In the end of the project, you will know how to use the Xtool D1 Pro machine and how to code for the rainbow colour using Neopixel strip.




Hardware Required😉:

1. xTool D1 Pro

2. 60 LED Neopixel Strip

3. Robo Pico (Buy together with Raspberry Pi Pico)

4. Male to Female Jumper Wire

5. USB Micro B Cable


Getting Started with xTool D1 Pro 



Download xTool Creative Space through the link below:

👉 👈



Table Lamp Design

You can download the table lamp design here:

👉 👈



After importing the design, you will need to connect your device with xTool D1 Pro.

Then select material that you are going to use, which is “3mm Basswood Plywood A4”.


Next, highlight whole design and select “cut” at the right hand side.

1. Set Power to 100%

2. Set Speed to 3

3. Set Pass to 1

Your template should looks like below:


You are ready to go ! 🙌




ROBO PicoNeopixel Strip



Getting Started to Circuit Python

In this tutorial, we will use Thonny editor and CircuitPython to write the code for this project. If you are not familiar with Thonny, check out the video below:



Required Library

You need to include the library in your CIRCUITPY/lib folder.

  • neopixel.mpy

You can download it from 👉 👈



Code for Neopixel Strip

Now you can run this program !

Click the green button 🟢 to start the program

Click GP 20 to light up your Neopixel Strip, GP 21 to close the light

Click red button 🟥to stop the program

With the final touches in place, your project is now ready to shine!




If you wish to explore more projects, you may also go to the “projects” in the xTool Creative Space as below:


Credited to xTool 💖💖💖

This creation draws inspiration from the primary component of the project's main body ^_^

Hardware Components