5V & External VIN Servo Motor

5V & External VIN Servo Motor

This guide is about controlling the micro servo motors by using the 8 servo motor ports on the MOTION:BIT Pro.


Servo Ports on MOTION:BIT Pro

There are 8 servo motor ports on MOTION:BIT Pro with 3 different coloured connectors.

MakeCode MOTION:BIT Servo Motor Block

Hardware Setup: 5V or VIN?

MOTION:BIT Pro allows you to control a micro servo motor (5V) with on-board power source or high torque servo motor (7-12V) by connecting external power source.
Note: Check your servo voltage rating before you connect it to MOTION:BIT Pro

Case 1: 5V

Example connections: MG946R Metal Gear Servo

Case 2: VIN for 7-12V

Hope you are having fun building projects with MOTION:BIT Pro.

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