12V Battery connection and External Switch

12V Battery connection and External Switch

This guide shows how to connect the 12V battery and external switch to the MOTION:BIT Pro.

12V LiPo Battery

To connect a 12V LiPo battery to MOTION:BIT Pro, you will need to get 2 things:

1. Connect the Dean T LiPo Battery Wire Extension to the MOTION:BIT Pro VIN Channel.
2. Connect the LiPo Battery Wire to the Dean T Wire Extension.

External Switch

There is a pair of pin connectors for you to connect an external switch to your MOTION:BIT Pro board on your robot enclosure.

Note 1 : The pin connectors are polarity insensitives
Note 2 : Always switch OFF the onboard switch if you wish to control the power of the MOTION:BIT Pro solely on the external switch.
Note 3 : The external switch are not meant for push switch buttons.

Switch used on figure: Rocker Switch with Wire-20CM

Hope you are having fun building projects with MOTION:BIT Pro.

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