MakeCode Extensions and Flashing the Code

MakeCode Extensions and Flashing the Code

This guide is about adding the MOTION:BIT MakeCode Extension (compatible to MOTION:BIT Pro) to your MakeCode Editor and flashing your code to your micro:bit.

You may get the online or offline version of the MakeCode editor as shown below:


Adding the extension into MakeCode editor

1. In your MakeCode Editor, select “Extensions” from “Category Drawer” or under the “More…” icon.

2. Search “motionbit” and select to add the extension to your MakeCode Editor.

Once you have successfully added the extension, your will be able to see the "MOTION:BIT" option at the category drawer of your MakeCode Editor


Flashing the Code

1. Connect micro USB B to your micro:bit.

2. You may choose either one of the methods to flash your code to your micro:bit:

  • Method 1: Copy and paste the .hex file into the micro:bit directory.

  • Method 2: Pair your computer with the micro:bit to flash (download) the code directly into the micro:bit


Hope you are having fun building projects with MOTION:BIT Pro.

You may continue to read through the tutorials on other key features of this board or trying out some of the project guides.

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