How to Flash OS Into IRIV PiControl

How to Flash OS Into IRIV PiControl

Learn how to flash a new operating system into the IRIV PiControl. This concise guide will take you through the essential steps, ensuring a quick and successful process. It's important to note that the IRIV comes preloaded with an operating system. This tutorial is simply made to show you how to update or change the OS if desired.



Step 1 - Open IRIV PiControl Case:

1.1 Remove antenna



1.2 Detach the two connectors (black-orange) on IRIV PiControl.



1.3 Remove the four screws located at the side of the casing using the provided Phillips screwdriver.


1.4 Gently separate the top casing and the bottom part from the DIN Rail side.


RIV PiControl casing is successfully open.


Warning: Avoid touching the electronic parts on the board to prevent damage.



Step 2 - Switch on the Boot Mode:

2.1 Carefully locate the boot switch on the board and set it to ON.



2.2 Connect a USB-C (data) cable from your laptop/PC to IRIV PiControl.


Step 3 - Flashing OS into Raspberry Pi CM4 eMMC:

3.1 On your computer, install and run rpiboot.exe to make CM4 eMMC a mass storage device for Windows.



3.2 Install and open Raspberry Pi Imager. Select the following:


Raspberry Pi Device: Raspberry Pi 4

Operating System (OS): Choose the OS that suits your needs. For a quick start with IRIV, we recommend downloading the custom OS by Cytron's team. Refer to this tutorial for more information.

Storage: RPI-MSD-0001


3.3 This part will allow you to do some initial setting, like username, password, WiFi, etc. You can just skip it by clicking button NO.



3.4 Verify the correct storage selection, then click YES to start flashing.



3.5 Wait for flashing and verifying to complete.



3.6 Successful flashing of the OS into CM4 eMMC! Click CONTINUE and eject the drive.



3.7 Disconnect the USB cable and set the BOOT switch to its original position. Close the casing. Done!



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