Chapter 3: EDU PICO Servo Control

Chapter 3: EDU PICO Servo Control

A system designed for precise object tracking using vision-based servo control. The EDU PICO development platform serves as the core, while the HuskyLens camera module provides real-time object detection capabilities. The system leverages HuskyLens to identify and track a designated object within its field of view.

Develop a precise object tracking system using the power of vision-based servo control. You'll learn :

  • Object Tracking with HuskyLens: Uncover how HuskyLens continuously tracks a designated object within its field of view.

  • Servo Control with EDU PICO: Learn how to control a servo motor using the EDU PICO for precise object tracking movements.

  • Building the Tracking System: Combine object tracking with servo control to create an automated tracking mechanism.


Tutorial Video



Tutorial Step

Step 1 : Hardware Setup

 Install the servo motor on GP9, attaching the coupling on top of the servo to act as a pointing tracker.

Step 2 : Object Learning

In HuskyLens, navigate to Object Tracking and learn any object you want it to track.

Step 2 : Code

Copy the provided code and run it on your EDU PICO. You can download here.


Step 3 : Testing the Program

Test the functionality of the program to ensure that the servo motor accurately tracks the designated object.




Hardware Components