Chapter 5: EDU PICO Attendance System

This project uses EDU PICO and HuskyLens' powerful face recognition to mark attendance. Simply walk by the system, and it'll identify you. A press of a button confirms your arrival or departure, with everything neatly recorded in a downloadable CSV file for easy tracking.
This chapter explores building a smart attendance system that uses face recognition for user identification.You'll learn : 

  • Face Recognition with HuskyLens: Learn how to configure HuskyLens to recognize faces and identify individuals.

  • User Management and Confirmation: Discover methods to store and manage user data. Implement a confirmation button to ensure attendance accuracy.

  • Data Recording with EDU PICO: Explore how to record attendance data in a downloadable CSV file for easy tracking and analysis.


Tutorial Video



Step 1 : Library Installation

Install the additional library required for this chapter here.

Step 2 : Configuration Setup

Create a new notepad file and copy the provided code:





Modify the SSID and Password with your Wi-Fi credentials and save the file as "settings" in CIRCUITPY.

Copy from source file here to your CIRCUITPY.


Step 3 : Face Learning

Use HuskyLens, go to “Face Recognition” to learn faces .


Step 4 : Code 

Go to Line 53 and modify the code by replacing the person's face name.



Step 5 : Data Log Function

Enable the data log function to record attendance data.


Step 6 : Testing the Program

Test the functionality by using Button A for check-in and Button B for check-out.


Step 7 : Reboot your EDU PICO

 pressing RST button to reboot, and you’ll see CSV file appear. All the data was recorded inside the CSV file.



Hardware Components