Chapter 2: EDU-PICO Fan And Light System

Chapter 2: EDU-PICO Fan And Light System

This project leverages the Husky Lens for Face Detection, specifically targeting the identification of individuals. The system is engineered to vary the speed of a fan based on the proximity of a person, creating an engaging and responsive interaction. As an individual moves closer to the system, the fan speed increases, and as they move away, the speed decreases.

This chapter dives into building a dynamic fan system that adjusts its speed based on proximity. You'll learn:

  • Object Recognition with HuskyLens: Understand how HuskyLens detects the presence of people.
  • Controlling Fan Speed with EDU PICO: Explore methods to control the speed of a fan connected to the EDU PICO.
  • Building the Interactive System: Integrate face detection with fan control for an engaging experience


Tutorial Video



Tutorial Step

Step 1 : Hardware Setup

 Install the DC motor on Motor 1 port along with the USB LED Light Stick (Blue) on the USB relay module.

Step 2 : Code

Copy the provided code and run it on your EDU PICO.


Step 3 : Testing the Program

Test the functionality of the program with the HuskyLens to observe how the fan speed adjusts based on the proximity of objects.



Hardware Components