Chapter 6: EDU PICO Smart Sorter

Chapter 6: EDU PICO Smart Sorter

Create an automated colour sorting machine using the powerful combination of EDU-PICO and Husky Lens for precise colour recognition. This chapter will guide you through:

  • Colour Detection with Husky Lens: Learn how the Husky Lens identifies different colored balls and sends a signal to the EDU-PICO to initiate the sorting process.
  • Servo Control with EDU-PICO: Understand hoe to control servo motors using the EDU-PICO to direct the colored balls to their designated bins.
  • Building the Colour Sorting Machine: Combine colour detection with servo control to create an automated colour sorting system that efficiently sorts colored balls into the correct bins, ensuring accurate and reliable operation.

Tutorial Video:



Step 1: Hardware setup

1. Husky lens Installation: Mount the husky lens in the top left side of the structure.

2. Servo Motor Installation: Install the Servo motor to GP8 and GP9


Step 2: Object Learning 

For the colour recognition, ensure that the husky lens is set up correctly to detect the colour ball. Use the husky lens interface to train it on the different colour of the balls that will be sorted. 


Step 3: Code

Copy the provided code and run it on your EDU PICO


Step 4: Testing the program

To test the program, ensure that all hardware connections are secure and correctly installed. Power on the system and verify that the husky lens is correctly recognizing the colour ball. Test the system with various colour balls to ensure the servo motor sorts them correctly.

Hardware Components