IRIV PiControl - Accessing Raspberry Pi Console

IRIV PiControl - Accessing Raspberry Pi Console

Welcome to the IRIV PiControl tutorial, where we'll guide you through essential steps for accessing the Raspberry Pi terminal. In this tutorial, we'll cover two methods: accessing the console via SSH and utilizing the serial port. Additionally, we'll show you how to disable the Demo Dashboard and connect your IRIV to a WiFi router. Let's dive in and make the most of your IRIV PiControl experience!



Method 1: Access Console Via SSH


Start by powering up IRIV PiControl



Make sure you are connected to the ‘IRIV Demo’ network.



If you're unfamiliar with the process, refer to the previous tutorial: (IRIV PiControl hands-on using Node-RED in Industry 4.0)


Open Windows Command Prompt or Windows Powershell



Type in: ssh username@network.address

in our case the command should be like this: ssh pi@iriv.local



The default password is: raspberry

Type the password and press Enter



Now, you are successfully connected to the IRIV PiControl terminal.


Method 2: Access Console Via Serial Port


Open Device Manager and locate the Ports list



To proceed, power off IRIV PiControl by pressing and holding the USER button for 5 seconds. Once powered off, disconnect the USB-C power supply cable.


After that, take a USB-C cable designed for data transfer and connect one end to the USB-C port on IRIV PiControl and the other end to your laptop or PC.



A new COM port should be detected



Use a terminal software such as Putty to connect to this COM port.


for the Connection type, select (Serial)


type in the detected PORT (COM8)


and change the baudrate speed to 115200 



Press Enter, then use the following credential to login

Username: pi

Password: raspberry



Now, you are successfully connected to the IRIV PiControl terminal



Disable the Demo Dashboard & WiFi AP


To proceed and prepare the IRIV to be ready for your use we need to disable Demo Mode and set up WiFi.


Run this command from the console to disable the autorun service for Node-RED:


sudo systemctl disable nodered.service



Once that done, restart your IRIV using the following command:

sudo reboot


Connect WiFi to Router


Run this command to list out the available WiFi network:

sudo nmcli dev wifi list



If there are more than 20 WiFi networks in your area, the window will restrict them to only 20.


Press Enter to view the next page of the WiFi list.

Press 'Q' to exit the list and continue with your command.



Use this command to connect to the WiFi network:


sudo nmcli --ask dev wifi connect (SSID)


Replace the (SSID) with your WiFi network name.


Enter the password when prompted.



IRIV has connected to WiFi successfully.

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