MD10-POT: Controlling DC Motor without Writing Code

MD10-POT: Controlling DC Motor without Writing Code



MD10-POT is a DC Motor Driver or DC Motor Controller that enables the user to control the DC motor direction and speed easily. The user can control the DC motor instantly after connecting the battery and DC motor to the MD10-POT. No software/coding is required.


  • Bi-directional / Reversible control for ONE Brushed DC motor (Single Channel).
  • Support motor voltage ranges from 7V to 30V.
  • Maximum current up to 10A continuous and 30A peak (10 seconds).
  • Solid state components – higher efficiency and faster response time, eliminate the wear and tear of mechanical relay.
  • On board test buttons.
  • NO reverse voltage polarity protection!
  • Dimension: 81.28mm x 48.26mm


Follow the steps below to set up the motor driver.

Connect the potentiometer to the speed port and connect the switch to the direction port.

The potentiometer and switch are provided together with the MD10-POT.

Connect the motor to the Motor Output Terminal.

Motor polarity is not important at this time. If you find out later the motor direction is reversed, just swap the connection.

Connect the battery to the Power Input Terminal.

Make sure the polarity is correct as MD10-POT doesn't come with reverse polarity protection. Green LED will turn ON after the battery is connected.

Set up is done.

The direction of the motor is determined by the position of the DIR switch. If the switch is at

  • 0 position, the motor will stop
  • I or II position, the motor will rotate CW or CCW

The speed of the motor is controlled by rotating the potentiometer. Either one of the Red lights will light up when the motor is rotating.


User can also test the DC motor by pressing the onboard push buttons.


As simple as 123! Now you can control your DC motor.



MD10-POT must be powered by a battery. Do not use a switching power supply to power the MD10-POT as this will potentially damage the driver as well as the switching power supply itself.

MD10-POT is a regenerative motor driver. When the motor slows down, excessive energy from the motor will flow back to the power source. If a battery is used, the energy from the motor will flow back and charge the battery (just like how the hybrid vehicle works).

If a switching power supply is used instead, the energy generated from the motor slowing down has nowhere to go. This will cause the voltage to rise and damage the MOSFET if over the maximum voltage limit.