Object Sense With Servo Using Maker Pi RP2040

Object Sense With Servo Using Maker Pi RP2040


This tutorial shares how to move the sensor using a servo motor to detect objects. When the object distance is less than 200mm, a buzzer will sound.


Hardware Preparation

Sample Program

This is CircuitPython example code to control the servo motor and read the distance sensor. Please include these 4 libraries from CircuitPython Libraries bundle.

  • adafruit_bus_device
  • adafruit_motor
  • adafruit_vl53l0x
  • simpleio

Thank You


Thanks for reading this tutorial. If you have any technical inquiries, please post at Cytron Technical Forum.

"Please be reminded, this tutorial is prepared for you to try and learn.
You are encouraged to improve the code for a better application."

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