Offline Dino Game Cheat with Maker Uno RP2040

Offline Dino Game Cheat with Maker Uno RP2040


This project uses the Maker Uno RP2040 board and the CircuitPython programming language.  Create a Custom Key Press with Maker Uno RP2040 as a USB Keyboard: This tutorial provides a simple example of using the Maker UnoRP2040 microcontroller to emulate a USB keyboard and send a custom key press to a connected computer. The provided CircuitPython script demonstrates how to simulate a specific key press, in this case, the space key.In Part 2, we created an automated dino game using a light sensor and the Maker UnoRP2040.The Grove port is used to connect the light sensor to the Maker Uno RP2040 board. The space key reacts to light sensor input data, causing Dino to jump automatically when an obstacle is detected.




Hardware Preparation

This is the list of items used in the video.


Sample Program

Part 1:Play the Dino Game using the built-in Maker Uno RP2040 button.


1. Plug in Maker Uno RP2040 via laptop USB port.


2. A new driver will appear under this PC option named CIRCUITPY(D:).


3. Open Thonny IDE.


4.. Copy and paste the code below.


5.  Then save as in Maker Uno RP2040 board.

6. Run the code.

7.Use the Maker Uno RP2040's built-in GP2 button as a space key.


Part 2: Automate the Dino Game with a Light Sensor and Maker Uno RP2040.


Circuit Connections

1. Copy the code below and paste it into Thonny IDE.


2. Save the code as in the Maker Uno  RP2040 board.


3. Run the code.


4. Stick the light sensor module to the monitor/laptop screen using masking tape.


5. The space key responds to light sensor input, allowing Dino to jump automatically when an obstacle is detected.


Thank You


"Remember that this guide is designed to facilitate experimentation and learning.

I encourage you to enhance the code to achieve a more refined application and explore further possibilities."

Hardware Components

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Maker Uno RP2040

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